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Thread: Looking for members for my clan The Unforgiving

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    Looking for members for my clan The Unforgiving

    I just started up my own clan on smite. I played on pc side when it first came out and have been playing on ps4 side since it release on ps4. I do have experience working with a clan from the one i have been apart of for the past 3 years. I am looking for other players with a similar mindset to my own. I am not doing a large clan either will try to keep it around 20 and not going higher unless need to. I am looking for member interested in casual play for practice or just fun but intend for most of the play to be for ranked joust and conquest to rank up. i am only ranked in joust at gold 3. i did it solo with randoms and would like a team to do this with which is why i have made the clan. I am real laid back and easy to get along with. i am only looking for people who can be mature and cause issue. IF you are arrogant and not a team player you will be kicked. not looking for kda ratio poeple only those who work as a team and look for the win no matter what even it it does mean we have crappy scores but getting the win is what matters. Only looking for players age wise 20 and up. i am going to to try and work with each person a few rounds as tryouts to decide if you can join. Looking for players willing to work and get better with each other. Also must be open minded for builds will not tolerate the drama because someone else builds a god to their play style and not yours. when you send a application through smite or ps4 tag (IHateYou78) message have what you are good at far as classes. be willing to branch out and do other classes to. if you are a player that solely plays one class thats fine but be willing to change it up some if needed. during week usually on 5 to 10 30 central time. and weekends off and on throughout day and night. I will not be rude with you unless you are with me. be adults about this. i am not looking for new players. be at least close to rank play or already ranked play available.
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