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Thread: The Nox Thread

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    Honestly, Nox is fine as she is. She is strong, but so are many other mages currently, so she doesn't exactly stand out given that she is just Scylla with 'more' utility. I say 'more' because both have a root and cripple, but Scylla's is AoE (hits 3 targets) whereas Nox's hits 1, however, Nox has a silence and weakening (reduces the damage dealt by enemies) whilst Scylla has a protection shred and slow. Although, I wont lie, I miss Nox's old kit, it was so much fun.
    Also, to Vilkhur, my win rate with Nox is 64%, although, she is at 9, about 40 or so worshippers off diamond.
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    I was a diamond Nox back when she had her old kit. Got really good with her too, since the rework I worked hard to return to the same level. The same thing happened to me with Arachne, was able to play her well they changed her.

    That being said I have a 52% win rate with her with a 2.42 KDA which going by the stats on Tiermonster is better then average. I like her just the way she is.

    I think this poll would be better served if it were a question on if they should reset worshippers on gods they rework to a substantial degree. (i.e.Nox, Arachne, Nu Wa)

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