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Thread: Bizzare matchmaking bug!? In a party with friends, but not in game with them!?

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    Bizzare matchmaking bug!? In a party with friends, but not in game with them!?

    I have literally no idea what just happened or what caused it. I was in a party with my friend, and we joined an Arena queue, but when the queue popped for me he didn't get anything... so when I hit Accept, I was put into a pre-match lobby, WITHOUT my friend WHO WAS IN MY PARTY. Also, my lobby chat tab didn't appear until ~15 seconds after I joined the pre-match lobby (I think that was when the first person said something in the lobby?) This was match ID 69066146, and I've got a bunch of screenshots from his and my point of view here.
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    A friend of mine has ran into the same issue, he cannot queue with friends at all.

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    I had a related issue once. I was in a group (not team leader), and we were on a queue. I accidentally clicked the big green buttons on the play screen (the ones that let you queue directly to the non-league versions of stuff) and I was individually removed from my group's queue and put into that new specific one. It is probably not the same case though

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