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Her datamined passive is fine. If she gets a passive that is too strong, if anti heal gets touched, then aphro will get murdered just like hel.

This passive makes since with her playstyle and her purpose, maybe they could raise the number to 3 (including herself). People really underestimate Aphro. Curse and brawlers are the problem not this passive.
I agree with you mostly. Yes anti-healing is the bigger overall problem Aphrodite faces, yes her new passive will ultimately be better for her, and people do often underestimate her.

With that being said there are several ways people have posted that they like to play Aphrodite either being aggressive or defensive. Aggressive players will more often then not see the full benefit of the new passive making it a great addition. While the defensive players will see little to no change except in certain situations. With Aphrodite being overall fine where she is this really won't change anything except how you want to go about playing her. The more defensive players will probably feel a little safer playing aggressively and the already aggressive players will feel more confident. Also I should mention I am judging this off of arena/assault/clash since the chances of you being involved in full team fights is waaay more likely.

My problem with the new passive is that it requires other people to be useful, which is the same problem with her current one.