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Thread: HiRez still has done little to address the problems with the Support role in season 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorneBlood View Post
    I showed you tons, you just deny it because you're a casual player.
    You showed me nothing of value. I denied it because it's wrong. You're just shutting out what I'm saying because you refuse to accept anything that contradicts the pros.
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    Muh Concepts

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    When I have to play support i'll play amaterasu or bellona. With Bellona it's funny you just basic attack their adc and their support is just watching you, waiting for you to use your hammer so he can cc it(I buy beads on Bellona to secure kills) With Amaterasu I get curse and first blood their guardian. Feels like a 2v1. I carry games and I can kill people with no help as support.

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