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Thread: Loading Screen Rework

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    Loading Screen Rework

    With the new loading screen in 3.9, it's really unconventional for borders as I have seen some overlap others and the position of the pro league banner is poor. What I would do is by spreading out the player cards and insert the pro league banner inbetween.

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    I wouldn't say that the positioning is poor, but I do think it may work a bitter better between the two sides. Horizontally as you suggested I think could make for a more spacious screen as the pro league banner isn't really packed with info anyway. Could cut it in size roughly an inch or so. I do think the clarity of the avatars has suffered some though. The PS4 beta tester in general seems a lot harder to make out than some of the other avatars (animated in particular). I think overall it's a major improvement though as the text for wins and loses is larger and showcased more efficiently. I also like seeing the skin name above the image as opposed to god name.
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