I just wanted to post because I have this idea, and I would love to discuss it with you guys.
So, we all know that the anniversary of Smite on Xbox One, is coming up soon-ish. I remember it was released near the end of summer? (Correct me if I am wrong.) But, that being said, I think that Hi-Rez, should allow PC players another chance to merge their accounts, as well as offer some sort of fun promotion! They did so for the second birthday of Smite, so why not for the Anniversary of Smite's Beta release on Xbox One.

I think they should give one specific day to merge accounts, or two... Depending on just a ton of things AND they should offer some game play promotional thing, like a gem weekend, or double everything! It could really draw in those players who didn't have time to link their accounts!

Let me know what you guys think!