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Thread: Put every year limited Retrocles skin and voice pack for free in same month!!!

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    Put every year limited Retrocles skin and voice pack for free in same month!!!

    Pls guys and girls from Hi-Rez be kind like you always are and consider this post for the future.I think that skins that limited are nice to have (hey i only have and small amount of people this skin brag) but there is so many new players who enjoy the game,who fall in love with the certain God in the game and skin also.Do they not deserve to enjoy your awesome game to the fullest..PLs i beg of you whoever read this post who works in Hi-Rez and can make decision make again limited skins possible to take every year at the same time it's fair for all the players new to come to be able to take what they like.Make it for gems for everything you guys wish but make it possible for us to say (hey it's august that is the time that this certain God skin is for a take a limited time and i can have him 365 days i will wait but i know that at least i will have him someday).

    All the best to all the people who read the post and play the game of Smite .I wish you nothing but best.

    Pls support this post for all of you who think that new players deserve a way to have limited skins that they didn't have a chance to have or take.People deserve it.

    I pointed out only Retrocles here because he is by farm my favourite but there is so many limited skins that needs this.You guys can make once a month gems buy thing where you can have for 1000 gems if you wish to put skins to take.There will be for sure people who will take them who wants them so bad...

    You guys can make more money witch you deserve without a doubt for the day to day effort and we players will enjoy the game also from day to day and have no fear that we can't have something we love ..Why to limit our love for the game?????

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    Why should retrocles be available again? That skin was made available to celebrate SMITE having 10,000,000 players. We will NEVER pass that milestone again, so why the fuck should it be made available?Because some new players want it? They weren't here to celebrate that great accomplishment.

    Limited skins will stay limited, sorry that you missed the events that had them. Keep playing and you'll eventually get some yourself.

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    How about no?

    Limted skins are supposed to be limited. Making them available them detracts from their value.
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    I don't know, are some people feeling better when they have a "limited" skin or something? Retrocles was absolutely free, so it wasn't even the case of "spending thousands gems" to get him- I'd gladly see him back for new players to also have that opportunity, and even though I own him it wouldn't insult me in a slightest way.

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