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Thread: Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon - SMITE God/Goddess Idea

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    Tsukuyomi, God of the Moon - SMITE God/Goddess Idea

    God Name: Tsukuyomi
    Title: God of the Moon
    Pantheon Japanese
    Type: Physical, Ranged
    Role: Burst Hunter (Duelist)
    Pros: High Single Target Damage

    art by me. This is only a rough sketch of him.

    Where his brother ruled the stormy skies and his sister the lofty day, Tsukuyomi was given charge as the ruler of the dead of night. His calm and carefree attitude is reflected by the moon - a silent sentinel. His shade provides hunters a chance to single out their prey, as well as allowing demons to lurk about.

    But he wasn't always attached to the night sky. Once the Sun and the Moon sat together in a heavenly throne overseeing the wordly affairs of mortals. Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu lived together as Emperors of the land. The soothing air about Tsukuyomi calmed her after their brother ravaged the sacred temples. Both of them were the rightful heirs to rule the land their father has left them. Yet change is an unexpected and dangerous thing, especially when it came to sibling rivalry.

    One day, Amaterasu sent the carefree Tsukuyomi on a task to attend a feast by the goddess of food, Uke Mochi. The elegant feast was a delight to Tsukuyomi who rarely ever set foot outside the heavenly palace. However, to his disgust, he saw how the goddess prepared the feast. She spat out fish unto the Ocean and regurgitated the beasts of the land. The food she prepared was exquisite to the taste, but the manner in which she has done so was horrifyingly barbaric. Tsukuyomi aimed his bow and shot the goddess dead.

    Upon returning to the palace, Amaterasu was furious. Refusing to ever look at her brother again, she banished him to the land of night. His lazy attitude reflected by the pale glow of the moon. To this reason, the sun and the moon were forever parted in the sky. Amaterasu felt betrayed by the gods she once called brothers. Yet despite the years, Tsukuyomi did not resent his actions. Instead of a careless act, he became jealous of his sister's fame while he rotted in the night sky. His fury grew, knowing they could never reconcile. He once killed a goddess, he could do it again.

    PASSIVE: Midnight Arrows
    Tsukuyomi fires three consecutive arrows before rearming. Each arrows deal less damage than the arrow before it. Only the first shot can critically hit enemies. Increasing attack speed decreases the rearm duration.
    Effect: Baic Attack
    Arrow Damage: 1.2x/0.85x/0.5x damage
    Progression Time: 0.8x (Attack Duration), 1.8x (Rearm Duration)

    ABILITY 1: Moonlight
    Tsukuyomi's next three basic attacks fires a damaging moonlight from behind the target hit. Any basic attack effects applied on the original target also affects the enemies hit behind.
    Ability: Directional.Line
    Effect: Damage
    Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 (+60% Physical) per attack
    Distance of Moonlight: 50ft
    Cost: 65
    Cooldown: 10s after last shot was fired

    ABILITY 2: Rearm
    Tsukuyomi performs an assault roll in a short distance, rearming his bow immediately. His next basic attack is a guaranteed critical hit. Upon third rank, the next two basic attacks guarantee a critical hit
    Ability: Directional.Line
    Effect: Dash
    Distance: 20ft
    Critical Bonus Effect: 5s
    Cost: 60
    Cooldown: 14/14/13/13/12s

    ABILITY 3: Flash Fire
    Tsukuyomi calls down a ray of moonlight that pulls targets towards the center. Those dashing, leaping or teleporting within the area of effect will be stunned after the pull.
    Ability: Ground Target
    Effect: Damage/CC
    Radius: 22ft
    Damage: 100/140/180/220/260 (+40% Physical)
    Stun: 1/1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s Stun
    Cost: 80
    Cooldown: 16/15/14/14/14s

    ULTIMATE: Lunar Riot
    Tsukuyomi roots himself in one direction as he fires a consecutive volley of arrows in a cone, damaging enemies inside. The final volley will always critically hit enemies still within the range of the ultimate. Moving or casting another spell ends the ability early.
    Ability: Directional.Cone
    Effect: Damage
    Radius of Cone: 40ft
    Damage per Wave: 70 (+16-20% Physical)[+1% per rank]
    Number of Waves: 6/8/10/12/14
    Channel Duration: 4s
    Cost: 75/80/85/90/95
    Cooldown: 70s

    According to Susanoo and Amaterasu's role, my guess is that Tsukuyomi will eaither be a Hunter (cause all of em siblings are Physical Gods), or a Mage (to complete the Warrior-Mage-Rogue classes found commonly in JRPGs). This is my take on his *assumed* hunter role. Tsukuyomi is a very bursty hunter that implements a rearm (reload) mechanic. The extreme burst and damage output that he has balances his lack of reliable mobility moves. This is what makes him extremely weak alone, but shines the brightest during team fights.

    As the pale-faced god of the moon, he utilizes moonlight to attack his foes, extending the range of his abilities far beyond his normal range. With the help of the moon's gravity in his ability Flash Fire, he can pull enemies in to get the full effect of his abilities. His primary abilities make it seem like focusing on one target at a time is the best strategy, but try to find the perfect opportunity to attack with Moonlight whenever needed.

    Moonlight is his bread and butter ability, that serves as his main wave clear. Where it lacks in strength, it makes up in range and utility. Normally, hunters get a range of 55ft on their abilities and basic attacks. When you hit a target with this ability, it shoots a lunar beam directly behind the target for an additional 55ft. Also, any basic attack effects done on the initial target (ie: Lifesteal, Critical Hit, Slows) are applied to enemies hit behind.

    Rearm is a very short dash that is mainly used for rearming your bow. Since his rearm mechanic might make it hard for him to land efficient kills, using Rearm can be a quick pick me up to get objective or god kills when necessary. However, this is also his only form of escape, and not a very reliable one at that. The short range means he will be outchased, so be prepared to defend yourself when the situation arises.

    Flash Fire, his third ability, is used to pull enemies to the center to allow his first ability to do full damage with ease. Anyone who is caught flashing, dashing or leaping will be stunned as well if they were in the area of effect. This is one of his only saving grace when being chased by enemies with a lot of leaps and dashes in their kit.

    His ultimate, Lunar Riot, fires several volleys of arrows in a cone to damage enemies caught. This ability makes him super deadly in team fights. Additionally, if he successfully fires all of his arrows, the last wave WILL critical hit anything still within the area, ensuring he get the kill. This ability passes through walls and enemies, causing rampage in the immediate area. What's more, enemies only have 4 seconds to react before the final wave hits them. Keep a note that Tsukuyomi is NOT CC immune while channeling this ability.
    Hello Smite, I'm Dad.




    I'm also planning on starting a concept review (I'll try my best). If you want, PM me so I can review your concepts. Just a little something I want to do to become more connected to the SMITE community.

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    I mean it seems cool, but I think you should make him more unique.
    Also the potato queen

    And Dragon princess
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azilo View Post
    I mean it seems cool, but I think you should make him more unique.
    Yeah... The entire thing just seems like a remit for Hou Yi or Rama, and the fact that the concept art IS Moon Groom Hou Yi isn't exactly helping your case. I mean, the 2 is taken right from Rama and the 3 IS Hou Yi's Ult, not to mention it's called Flash Fire and your God is supposedly a God of the Moon, not Fire or the Sun. Furthermore, the 1 is the same as Xbalanque's and (besides the root) the Ult is the same as Anhur's. Sorry man, the animations are cool, but the entire concept just seems like a scrapbook of other Hunters. One more thing, The passive just seems like a hindrance instead of a boost.

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    Nice concept. It reminds me of quinn from league of legends. Plus i've always thought it would be cool for a smite character to have a reloading mechanic

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