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Thread: Bug Reporting Forum Guidelines!

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    Bug Reporting Forum Guidelines!

    Hey everyone! My name is HiRezCAPSLOCK and I'd like to welcome to the Bug Reporting forum for PC Smite!

    This forum is meant as an avenue of communication between the playerbase and the QA team on Smite for reporting any bugs players might find while in game. You may not see us respond to every thread here, but have faith that your reports are read and will be put into our workflow. If we need more information or are having trouble reproducing an issue, we may ask for more information; so it would be very appreciated if you check up on your posts in order to respond!

    We have a Known Issues Thread here that will keep track of any issues that are introduced with each patch. Please reference this thread when possible to see if the bug you are about to report is already being tracked.

    Because the goal of this forum is to keep the dev team up to date on issues in the client, we ask that posts stay on topic. Therefore, posts here should be related to issues found in the in-game client and any workarounds you may have found.

    When creating a thread here, there are a few guidelines that we would greatly appreciate players for following:

    • It is OK to post in an existing thread if that thread is reporting an issue that is the exact same as yours.
      • Though, if you are experiencing a similar issue but there are variations, please create your own topic!
    • Don't post a new issue inside another topic.
      • If your issue only has some similarities with the topic creator's, but it isn't actually the same issue, it's possible that your report or the creator's report could be missed in favor of the other. Creating another thread ensures this won't happen!
    • Be as clear as you can when describing your issue
      • If you can, include whatever steps you took that lead up to your issue and what exactly is happening when the issue occurs. Posting something like "I can't play!" generally makes issues harder to resolve more than it helps!
    • Topics here should still adhere to the Forums Code of Conduct.
      • We understand that when dealing with any kind of issue that tensions can run high. However, there are no special rules here and all posters are expected to treat one another with respect. Posts made in an abusive manner will not be tolerated in any circumstance.

    Thanks everyone for listening to (and hopefully adhering to) these guidelines! Along with that, thanks for playing Smite and making the effort to improve the game along with us!
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