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Thread: Musical Misconceptions

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    Musical Misconceptions

    Musical Misconceptions, every genre of music has them, "all metal is, is screaming into a mic" or "all rap is. is drugs sex and violence." Most misconceptions about music genres usually arise out of ignorance of that actual genre with majority being heard by the commenters coming from the mainstream. So I want you all to share some ignorant statements and misconception that you've heard or had to deal with about the music genre you listen to.

    I'll start us off.
    "All rap is the same, and its sucks!" Right because Immortal technique, The Jokerr, and Lil wayne all sound he same and rap about the exact same thing...

    "If there was any good rap, they'd put it on the radio and we'd hear it." No, you won't, know how I know you want, because rap has been around for years and you do you know who Canibus, or Del the funky homosapien is? I thought not I'll give you another try, do you know Jedi Mindtricks or Hasan Salaam? Rap like every other music is governed and controlled. The controls let you hear what they want you to hear on the radio, and with rap they market what will sell the most; violence, sex, and drugs. Its no different with movies and games, the highest grossing of both of those involve violence, and many times references to sex and drugs.
    No matter what planet...
    No matter what galaxy...
    They always look up in wonder.
    Some fall to their knees in worship.
    Others hide behind walls and towers.
    But the thing they do best... is beg for mercy.
    It's just... adorable.

    Abandon hope all ye who reply to me!

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    KInda reminds me of that thing one said to me
    "Metal is ONLY screaming in a mic". Even tho that particular scream is an art too, and its hard as hell to do properly. I'm trying it myself and i get only slightly close to it tbh

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    "EDM isn't real music since it's all on computers and it takes no skill and it's all the same."


    It's some of the hardest music to make since software instruments and soundboards and everything you need are very difficult to use. It's not GarageBand, and most styles of EDM are pretty hard to make. There are so many subgenres and styles you can make and every one sounds unique. It's like any other kind of music. You follow some simple rules and traits each style has, like normal music.

    It's all electronic, so it all sounds differently from more mainstream music.


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    "Rap is all sex, drugs and violence. I mean, there's even a song with the title being the N WORD!111"

    Not true. My Nigga is a song about friendship. Listen to Eminem and Run The Jewels, there can be meaning behind rap. Just the popular majority is stupid, but that's par for the course.

    "Metal is all about cutting yourself and anger"

    Tell me that again.

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