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Thread: Ability interactions and details you might not know

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    Ability interactions and details you might not know


    I've compiled a wee list of some details and "fun facts" about abilities which may not seem apparent at first glance from reading the tooltip, or interactions which are easy to overlook, in addition to listing the ultimates which grant full CC immunity without having mentioned it in the tooltip. I hope some will find use of it .

    Disclaimer: I primairly focus on "hidden" details about abilities which isn't described in tooltips, but I've also included a few tips.

    2nd Disclamer: When I mention "immunity frames" it usually means that the god is performing a leap, during which they can't take damage from most sources, but they can still take damage from sources like damage over time effects, Zeus detonations, etc.

    Ah Puch
    Undead Surge
    • This ability can be canceled early by activating the ability again (this is mentioned in tooltip, but seems to still be news to some ).

    Empty the Crypts
    • While this ability bypass natural obstructions, (like walls in terrain) it can be blocked by towers and player walls like Ymir's Ice wall and Thor's Tectonic Rift.
    • Killing Ah Puch stops the ability from channeling.

    Shifting Sands
    • Casting this ability doesn't require line of sight (unlike, say, Ymir's "Ice wall")
    • Casting this ability on someone backing will force them to move and interrupt the backing.

    Sorrow (passive)
    • Interestingly the tooltip of the passive states that all Anubis abilities steals physical protections in addition to magical. (Even though the tooltip is clear I always assumed it only sapped magical protections for some reason)

    Ao Kuang
    King of the Eastern Seas
    • While the target is being grabbed by Ao Kuang, there are some frames before they are eaten when they can get cleansed or healed, countering the dragon snacks time.
    • If Ao Kuang hits someone under the effect of Scarab's Blessing (Khepri ult), the blessing in bypassed and they are still eaten (om nom).

    • Kiss works through walls (excluding Ymir walls).

    Undying Love
    • Targets under the effect of this ability is immune to healing debuffs.

    • Ares can fire this ability through walls (excluding Ymir walls).

    • When an enemy is webbed, the web will follow them no matter where they go, including if they go airborne, with some extremely rare exceptions. DukeSloth has made youtube videoes which thoroughly documents all the interactions between the web and other abilities.
    • While it's not possible to have more than two webs at once, it's possible to spawn two webs near different buff camps, then once the first web is triggered, spawn another web to have 4 broodlings "active" and have one web waiting to be activated.
    • Broodling health increase with higher rank. Their health increase as the skill is ranked up, it seem to have remained the same after her rework: 100/175/250/325/400. (I'm not sure about these numbers though as it's merely based on testing by tossing the web at the goldfury in jungle practice then seeing how many strikes it took for them to die and eyeballing their HP bar.)
    • When a broodling "tanks" a goldfury, the goldfury will shift focus from the remaining broodling(s) to the spawner once the first broodling is dead.
    • Broodlings seem to have a lifespan of 10 seconds and an attack speed of 1 per second.

    Night Crawler
    • Arachne is CC immune while channeling this ability
    • Arachne can activate her 1 and 2 while in her ultimate.

    Calydonian boar
    • When being immune after being summoned, the boar cannot take damage, including from towers/phoenixes/titans, and it cannot be CC'd.
    • When casting Calydonian Boar, targets in the 40 degree cone in the middle are prioritized (otherwise it goes for the nearest god).
    • It has the following health at rank 1-5: 350/450/550/650/750.
    • The boar has 30 protection.
    • It will aggro and move over to minions once no gods are in range, and attack with an attack speed of 1 per second, with 25/35/45/55/65+20% damage at rank 1-5.
    • The charge range for the boar is slightly less than the outer edge of the AoE targeter (aprox 58ish unlike the 65 indicated)

    Athena Defender of Olympus
    • If the target of this ability dies before Athena arrives, she will instead smash down where she stands, doing the damage of her ult at her present location.

    Feather Step
    • This ability can be used after hitting an enemy with other abilities in addition to basic attacks.
    • When using this ability, Awilix has immunity frames as she leaps over her target (it's a leap as the tooltip says).

    Gravity Surge
    • While being targeted by this ability, the purification relic can be used to cancel it, or if someone CC/kill Awilix, which will cause the target to drop to the ground.

    Cat Call
    • Cat life is as follows (at rank 1-5): 500/550/600/650/700.
    • Cat attack speed seem to be 1 per seond.

    Seismic Crush
    • This ability prevents future roots but do not cleanse current roots.

    Share the love
    • If this ability is cast close to a wall at a 45° angle, 2 of them will stack near the wall.
    • Since the casting cost of the ability is 50 at all ranks and Cupid regains 30 per heart, having an ally pick up all the hearts give Cupid 40 net mana.

    Valkyrie's Discretion
    • While casting this ability, Freya is immune to certain types of CC while ascending (e.g. Ymir Frost Breath, a timed Loki Assassinate, slows, cripples) but is still vulnerable to knockups (e.g. Vulcan's Magma Bomb) which will jar her ascent and cause her to visually drop from the sky. (haven't verified but eh)

    Stone Shield
    • This shield doesn't stack with Nemesis "Retribution" and Odin's "Raven shout", and presumably (haven't verified) Khepri's passive. It stacks with the shield from Bloodforge passive, but I still haven't figured out if it stacks with the Bulwark of hope passive.

    Guan Yu
    Calvary Charge
    • The speed Guan rides with can be adjusted by holding the forward and backward movement keys (W and S by default).

    He Bo
    Crushing Wave
    • He Bo is CC immune and and untargetable while channeling this ability (he can still be damaged by damage over time abilities etc.)
    • This ability can be blocked by player walls (like Thor's Tectonic rift or Anhur's Pillar).

    • The CC immunity on this ability has a .5 second windup time (so if someone get stunned just after cleanse is cast on them, they'll become unstunned 0.5 seconds later).
    • This ability has a notoriously low postcasting fire time (.1 second), so it's easy to fire a basic attack after using it by accident thus getting slowed down. (quickcasting/instacasting may help with preventing this).

    Driving Strike
    • Since his Driving Strike stuns, it works on targets normally immune to knockup/knockback.
    • This ability can be thrown over walls.

    Dispel Magic
    • Dispel Magic grant bonus protection from each enemy hit in an Aura (30), including minions, (so for instance if she hit 3 gods/minions with rank 5 dispel magic, a nearby ally with 100 magic protection would gain 90 magic protection)

    • If an enemy is trapped in a horisontal portal, they can use the purification relic to fall down without taking the portal damage. Janus can also use purification to fall out of horisontal portal early.
    • A vertical portal cannot be entered by someone rooted or crippled.
    • The following gods (amongst others I haven't tested) can channel their ults while passing through portals: Ares, presumably Chiron, Freya, Janus, Medusa, Nox, Sobek and Scylla. (The general rule seems to be that if you can control your movement, you can pass through). It does not work with Arachne's ult or Guan Yu ults.

    • If Kumbhakarna is executed by Ao Kuang's "King of the eastern seas" or Thanatos "Hovering Death", his passive still trigger and he goes to sleep.

    Throw Back
    • When using this ability, Kumbhakarna can aim where the minion will go by moving the camera (he can even throw it 180 degrees).

    Groggy Strike
    • While channeling this ability, Kumbhakarna is knockback/knockup immune.

    • It's possible to start channeling this ability prior to passing through the portal to siege juggernauts in Siege (so it's possible to pull off a suprise ult).

    Ne Zha
    Armillary Sash
    • Even though it says it's a dash, it can be cast through walls from the Odin ultimate and Cabrakan ultimate, and while dashing Ne Zha has a immunity frame as if jumping.
    • Even though it's listed as a dash, it can be used while crippled.
    • If Ne Zha becomes stunned/cc'd after the sash connects, he will still travel to his target (while stunned/cc'd).

    Wind Fire Wheels
    • The ultimate deals damage equal to the one listed in the tooltip once when he initially hits a god, then 3 times in the air (which can crit), then another time once he lands, which is in addition to the AoE landing damage listed in the tooltip (so total 2x normal hit, 3x crit and 1x AoE). If he hits a CC immune target they only take the "initial hit" damage.
    • After landing, enemies in a radius will be knocked back and Ne Zha jumps back to his original position, during which he seem to have another immunity frame (not 100% sure about the last part but it seems a lot of abilities miss on him while he's in "Jump back from ult mode").
    • While this ability grants CC immunity for most of the time, there are frames during the ult when he can be CC'd.
    • After being hit by Wind Fire Wheels, there are some frames where the one being ulted can use purification but still get carried to the skies.
    • The crits from this ability bypass the crit immunity from Hou Yi's passive (and does not make it proc).
    • The crits from this ability does not bypass the Geb passive (which makes crits do 25% more damage instead of 100% more damage).

    Broken Weave
    • When there's a Neith on the other team, allies dying will create broken weaves, which the enemy Neith can use for big bada boom (AKA 750+180% at max rank if double hit). When playing against a team with a Neith and an ally seem to be about to die, scram so you don't get hit by the by the big bada boom. (It's not exactly a hidden feature of the passive, but I've had so many games where people seem to forget it so I want to mention it anyway).

    World Weaver
    • In case anyone didn't know; this ability can be intercepted by having an ally stand in front of it (the how to get your ally killed 101 ability).

    Shadow Step
    • When Nox use Shadow Step to enter an ally, she can't leave the ally while the ally is using a dash/jump, using special movement abilities like Geb "Roll Out" or flying abilities.

    Night Terror
    • Be wary that this ability detonates on all titans (friendly or not) and siege juggernauts.
    • Nox can start channeling this ability before passing through the siege portal to siege juggernauts (suprise ults are fun).

    Nu Wa
    Clay Soldiers
    • Clay soldiers act like normal minions, and will prioritize minions and towers, but attack enemy gods if the enemy gods attack allied gods, or if there are no enemy minions/towers/phoenixes/titans in range. When they get close enough to a god/minion, they charge a short distance, applying the magic protection debuff for 2 s. (the cooldown on their "charge" ability seem really short).
    • When Clay Soldiers is cast in the jungle, if they don't "aggro" any other minions/jungle thingies, they'll seek out the quickest route to get to a point in lane perpendicular to where they are in the jungle.
    • The Clay Soldier attacks scale 100% with Nu Wa's physical power (which, while it isn't displayed, is 0 by default, but can be boosted).
    • So for instance if Nu Wa gain the fire giant buff which amongst other things grant +50 physical power, they will do 50 extra damage. If she got the red buff they do 6 extra damage (it grants 5 extra power and 20% physical power ->5*1.2=6).

    Fire Shards
    • While being in the air after having brought down the fire, Nu Wa can choose how to land in two ways:

    1. Change where the camera is facing
    2. Press move forward/backward or strafe left/right to "dash" forward, move back a shorter distance or strafe to either side a short distance.

    • The damage from this ability, in addition to the damage from Raven Shout if it's active while he is jumping, can be countered if Odin is stunned/silenced/knocked up at the right time when comming in for landing, and also if there is a cripple/silence effect at the location he is landing (like Poseidon's Whirlpool or Nox' Siphon Darkness).

    Astral Arrows
    • Attacks with this ability are slightly wider than normal auto attacks.

    • The magic protection reduction from having this ability at rank 5 (which says it reduce magic protection of enemies in the AoE by 20%) only works against gods (not minions/fire giants etc.).

    Kaldr, the winter wolf
    • Abilities dealing damage over time only deals damage to Kaldr on the initial tic.
    • If Rama hits Kaldr while his "Astral Strike" (his 1) is active, it counts as two sources of damage, thus removing two health points. If Rama additionally used Runeforged Hammer, it would count as 3 sources of damage and hence removed 3 health points.
    • The same methode works with Bakasura's Butcher Blades.

    Charge Prey
    • After hitting a target with this ability, his target will be plucked even if Sobek becomes CC'd during the animation.
    • If a target is crippled when the pluck occurs, they will be thrown up in the air and remain aproximately where they are (not 100% sure about this one, feel free to correct me on this anyone!).

    Sun Wukong
    Sommersault Cloud
    • The clone prioritizes attacking the nearest enemy god, otherwise it will aggro minions/objectives in range.
    • The clone deals 50% of Sun Wukong's damage at all ranks.
    • Health and protections of the clone us currently unknown (the tooltip mentions it inherits a "percentage" of Sun Wukong's protection, would be lovely if someone could verify)
    • The clone does not use abilities (so if it's unknown which is the clone and one of them use an ability, the one using the ability is the real Sun Wukong).
    • The clone last for a maximum of 10 seconds.
    • Sun Wukong can stay on his cloud for 5 seconds.
    • Killing the clone may trigger Mail of Renewal and/or Bloodforge (not quite sure if they fixed it yet or if it still works).

    Nature's Grasp
    • This ability can be used through walls (excluding Ymir walls).

    Hovering Death
    • If Thanatos hits someone under the effect of Scarab's Blessing (Khepri ult) with this ability, they still die.

    • This ability can be cancelled early by using Power Cleave

    Rising Jaguar
    • Wile Xbalanque is "in the air" during this ability, he is CC immune.
    • While in the air Xbalanque does not have immunity frames (it is not a leap).

    List of gods having ultimates which grant CC immunity without the tooltip mentioning it:
    • Anubis - Gaze of Death
    • Apollo - Across the skies
    • Ares - No Escape
    • Arachne - Night Crawler
    • Athena - Defender of Olympus
    • Ao Kuang - King of the Eastern Seas
    • Bellona - Eagle's Rally
    • Chiron - Centaurus
    • Chronos - Rewind
    • Freya - Valkyrie's discretion
    • Geb - Cataclysm
    • He Bo - Crushing Wave
    • Hades - Pillar of agony
    • Hercules - Excavate
    • Janus - Through space and time
    • Jing Wei - Air Strike
    • Kumbhakarna - Epic Uppercut
    • Loki - Assassinate.
    • Medusa - Petrify
    • Ne Zha - Wind Fire Wheels*
    • Nox - Night Terror
    • Nu Wa - Fire Shards
    • Osiris - Lord of the afterlife
    • Raijin - Taiko Drums
    • Rama - Astral barrage
    • Ratatoskr - Through the cosmos
    • Ravana - Mystic Rush
    • Serqet - Last Breath
    • Sol - Supernova
    • Sun Wukong - Sommersault Cloud
    • Sylvanus - Wrath of Terra
    • Thanatos - Hovering Death
    • Tyr - Lawbringer
    • Ymir - Shards of Ice
    • Xing Tian - Whirlwind of rage and steel

    Aerial ultimates (and Jing Wei's passive) targeting non-valid landings

    If an attempt to land a non-valid place is made (like outside the map) by targeting the non-valid place when the ult expires, gods flying will either land straight down where they currently stand, or land the last eligible place they flew over

    The following gods have ults which cause them to go straight down:
    • Ao Kuang
    • Arachne
    • Thor

    The following gods have ults (and in Jing Wei's case her passive) which cause them to land the last eligible place they flew over:
    • Apollo
    • Ratatoskr
    • Thanatos
    • Jing Wei

    Mez and minions
    Anyone affected by a mez effect (from Apollo/Kumbhakarna/Cupid) taking damage from minions will continue to be mezzed, even though tooltips say it breaks on any damage.

    Do X ability go through walls?
    The general rule is well summed up as follows:
    "Abilities that can hit multiple targets or have a ground targeter go through walls. i.e leaps, AMC 2, AMC 3. Abilities that hit solid targets such as impale, AMC ult, usually stop on walls." (Kudos to Drago55577 on the forums for the summary.)
    For a detailed rundown on a case-by-case basis, I made a list in another thread.

    Shoutouts to the following users on reddit for helping me, and to all the others who helped there which I didn't include (but who still had nice/helpful thing to say):
    BurningFlareX, Left4Dinner, GoM15, iamsensi, kiralala7956, GongsunYiru (on the forums), Bigfsi, Daibba, Jiatao24, Avernuscion, TimeToGetSlipped, geitner10, Hexdrix, trumpetman204, iBexalspin/TheKhajiit, Draketsuka, nKaProtoType, SmiteJuggernaut, FrostDeGnome, MandalorE1928, foxtrot709, Razial22, SoundDesperado, TehBossaru and plau408.

    Edit: Added info about broodling lifespan and broodling and cat attack speed.
    Edit 2: Added info about Clay Soldiers scaling with Nu Wa's physical power and added a boatload of info about how Caledonian Boar works (Artemis ultimate).
    Edit 3: Edited typo in Broken weave and added entry about Clay Soldier AI behaviour.
    Edit 4: Added info about Ares Shackles and Hercules Excavate, added disclamer and tweaked description in the "intro".
    Edit 5: Added info about Scylla's Crush ability.
    Edit 6: Totally reworked list, and added info aquired from the reddit thread on the same topic with, including more info in the end about mez, aerial abilities and abilities going through walls
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    So question for 2 things. One being at which point is nezha able to be cc'd during his ult? Love to know. Hate that kid. 2nd, is arachne lvl 1 brooding spiders 2 sets of webs, 4 spiders, enough to clear a back camp on its own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramenyolo View Post
    So question for 2 things. One being at which point is nezha able to be cc'd during his ult? Love to know. Hate that kid.
    I'm actually not sure because the times it has happened it all happened so fast. Sorry that I can't give a more informative answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramenyolo View Post
    2nd, is arachne lvl 1 brooding spiders 2 sets of webs, 4 spiders, enough to clear a back camp on its own?
    No, on their own the 4 spiders can kill the big harpy (or one small). An interesting thing about the spiders is that they gain the +10% damage bonus vs jungle camps from bumbas mask (so they do 22 damage instead of 20 at rank 1), and 33 at rank 2.

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    I love this! Very useful for players looking for more details. I have just a few things that you might want to consider adding.

    1) I think the "scarm" in Neith's info should be "scram"?

    2) Nu Wa's Clay Soldiers will relentlessly attack enemy minions before attacking players, even if you are being attacked I believe. When they do hit players, they strip away some magical protections too.

    3) Osiris' ult immediately throws him into his passive ghost stage.

    4) Ne Zha's disc toss strips away some physical protections from its targets.

    5) Chiron's AOE damage move also cleanses allies that are rooted/stunned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyF View Post
    I love this! Very useful for players looking for more details. I have just a few things that you might want to consider adding.

    1) I think the "scarm" in Neith's info should be "scram"?
    Yes whoopsie I wrote that in a jiffy, it will be corrected!

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyF View Post
    2) Nu Wa's Clay Soldiers will relentlessly attack enemy minions before attacking players, even if you are being attacked I believe. When they do hit players, they strip away some magical protections too.
    Thanks for the comment, I'll update my post with info that that prioritize minions/towers over players. They do aggro other gods if the gods attack you or allied gods though. The magic protection strip is already mentioned in tooltip so I'll pass on including it. I do wonder what the cooldown on their magic protection stripping ability is though... (I only know it's a cooldown because I saw a dev turn into a clay soldier in the april's fools motd last year).

    Your other comments - while I could include miriads of tibits of detail about various abilities, my main focus was on digging out information about them which is not mentioned in the tooltp for abilities. One notable exception being the Neith passive which I wanted to emphasize since I see people forget about it all the time.
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    Guan Yu's ult doesn't get blocked by Athena or Bellona anymore.

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    Meep. I posted this on reddit and got kinda overwhelmed by trying to keep it up to date with all the feedback I recieved there, maybe I'll have a moment to update this post once it quiets down a bit .

    Here's a link to the updated version on reddit (which doesn't include ults granting CC immunity, but I'll get to that in a bit):

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    OP has now been updated, thanks to the extensive feedback I recieved on the reddit thread.

    I also moved down the "CC immune ults" from the general list to a separate list below, in addition to adding some sections at the bottom about aerial ults, mez and minions and abilities and walls.

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    I will add this one: thanatos can exedcute also on minions and Arena juggernauts, I don' exactly know if it works also on Siege juggernauts and other creatures (like the gold fury).

    EDIT: also Ra as well is CC immune during his ultimate
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    Thats a good post, learned some new things.

    The part about Nu Was Minions was especially interesting for me.
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