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Name: Shamash, God of the Sun, Justice, and Salvation
Role: Guardian
Pantheon: Babylonian
Type: Melee, Magical
Pros.: High Sustain
Being the god of the sun and justice, Shamash brings evil to light and delivers swift justice. He is the son of the Moon god, Sin, and brother to Ishtar. Together, the three rule the astrological systems, and passed down knowledge to kings of Babylon. For example, King Hammurabi’s famous laws were inspired by Shamash. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Shamash provided support and his blessing to Gilgamesh so that they may conquer darkness and its keeper, the monster Humbaba.

Passive: Lion’s Pride
For every 10th ability used, Shamash receives a shield of lions that take up to 5 basic attacks. Every time Shamash dies, his shield buildup goes down by half.

Ability 1: Pride’s Own
Type: Target
Shamash unleashes 3 lions to surround an ally in a protective stance, taking damage for the ally. Each lion can get hit up to 2 times before they are killed, or they expire after 5s.

Ability 2: Judgement
Type: Target
Shamash targets an enemy with a lion’s head via his ring. For 3s, the lion roars and discombobulates and de-buffs the enemy.

Ability 3: Salvation of the Sun
Type: Area
Shamash waves his staff over allies, granting them immunity to CC damage as well as buffing them with 20 magical and physical protection for 3s.

Ultimate: Roar
Type: Area
Shamash roars wildly at his enemies for 3s. Any enemy god caught within the roar are thrown back 30 units, allowing allies to escape.

Sometimes represented as a lion with the disc symbolizing the sun adorning his head, Shamash carries with him a ring and a staff.

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