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Thread: Kaldr vs Isis

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    Kaldr vs Isis

    Wing gust seems to only take one health point of Kaldr no matter how many actual gusts you hit him with.

    Happened to me twice now, kaldr chasing me so I turn around and wing gust out. He only takes 1 damage even though I hit him with all of them. He wasn't invulnerable from the ult and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss as he runs straight at me.

    Is this known? Has anybody else experienced it?

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    Kaldr only takes one damage from Channeled abilities, and DoTs.
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    What the first reply said is true. Since Wing Gust is a single ability with 4 damage phases, its considered dot, even tho its not a sticky dot like Nox or Loki has. 1 ability = 1 damage point on Kaldr. Thats why its best to go with basics against him. Still I find your point valid. Wing gust really should knock off 4 hp from him. It would make surviving against him much easier.

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