Hello everyone here is your friend Vaken. I have notice that many people are getting random crashes in smite. these crashes are mostly related to windows corrupted files or missing files all what you need to do is simple steps and I hope they are clear to you.
that weird glitch what mostly happen is you get crash in random times. sometimes you need to restart your pc so you be able to get back to the game but time end and you counted as deserted.

maybe there is a solution for these random crashes, you just need to go to Windows search and type
first: FIX1
type on search "cmd" make sure you run it as an administer.
write "sfc /scannow" it will scan your pc and find corrupted files and fix them.
run the Hirez support launcher and click repair or re-download the game.
that should be working and stop game crashes and also make your games run better.

Thanks and enjoy.