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Thread: Chiron could use a buff, don't ya think?

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    Chiron could use a buff, don't ya think?

    Look, we all remember the days when Chiron was annoyingly "OP", but I think at this point he has almost been nerfed out of the Meta.

    • He can't escape Odin's Cage anymore.
    • He is incredibly slow while performing his ULT
    • His cripple was removed, and it was invaluable in team-fights, while at the same time not being too OP
    • His healing abilities were nerfed, removing him from some sort of Support/ADC position.

    What I'm trying to say is, he used to be a God, now he sorta feels like trash.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love to play Chiron still (Although I'm trying to get Anhur to Tier 10 right now) and I think he is decent if given the right build, but he doesn't have a real niche anymore.

    I'm not suggesting you bring back anything you've taken away (Although the heals and cripple would be great) but atleast give him a NEW niche, because as I have already stated, he has almost been nerfed out.


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    I think they need to do away with the healing because its either OP or Trash there is no middle ground with it. Yes i know its from his lore but an ADC that can heal their support a decent amount will almost always win lane. So its either a Gimmick or its OP
    Also Odin's cage is annoying to be caught in but no one (Without beads) should be able to walk through (leaping in/out is fine tho), and that is for both teams.
    I'm not sure about the cripple, it does enough damage without a cripple effect.
    Also not too sure about the Ult either, isn't it suppose to be kinda like a last chance move, bout to die, pop ult, get a kill and survive.

    Just my opinions as someone who sees alot of Chiron in play on both sides.

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    I have Chiron rank IX and he seems completely fine to me. He has a perfectly good wave clear that does good damage to enemies too, a free extra damage move, and a dash that could screw over others. Of course anyone without a jump will struggle against Odin, but I think Chiron is balanced enough.

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