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Thread: Suggestions About VGS system

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    Suggestions About VGS system

    Hi,i'd like to suggest 2 things to you guys.

    1-) Spam protection,i know that there's a flood protection which is perfect
    but people still can be annoying as hell by spamming the same sentence 8
    times.I suggest 2 times limit for same sentence,there is no point of saying
    the same sentence for 8 times,2 times would be perfect for the same
    sentence and 8 times for the different sentences. (Otherwise we need to
    mute the annoying people which can affect the team gameplay and can cause
    losing the game)

    2-) It's too hard to laugh in the game by typing VEL while in a funny
    circumstances in combat,we simple need to lose control of mouse and "W"
    button to laugh.People only laugh when they get bored or when they are at
    base doing noting.which makes the feature meaningless and not fun.What i
    suggest is to do the laughing only one button that we can easly reach while
    combat whithout losing any control.Like the button "R" or "Q" for an

    Bonus : I'd like to see my God at the top place at TAB screen,because everytime i check,i need to find the right place,which is waste of time
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