These questions are completely unrelated to each other, but I'd really like to know the answers.

Question #1: Is anyone getting more than the standard +17/-5 Tribute Points per match? Why I'm asking is because folks from Hi-Rez stated that if you do well, you get more points, if you do bad, you lose more. I've had winning streaks, I've had losing streaks, but it's still the same +17/-5 TP.

Question #2: How do protections work? It's obvious they reduce incoming damage, but by how much? What is the formula? It doesn't look like it's flat damage, then it must be "X" amount of armour reduces damage by "Y"%. So let's say I have 200 attack damage and my enemy has 100 armour. How much damage he will take from my auto-attacks? (played for a few months now and never bothered to find out, haha).

Question #3: Do you believe in elo hell? I sure believe in it, especially after the reset, Bronze 5 was like a pile of dirt through which I had to swim to reach the coast. I'm not complaining much about it, coz I'm in Gold already, but what are your thoughts about it?

Question #4: This isn't a question, but a request. Please stop throwing "first time league" players to my games, they must start with the beginners in the lowest bracket, just like everybody else (wasn't it stated by Hi-Rez themselves?).

That's all for now, thank you for your kind replies