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Thread: Achievements not unlocking

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    Exclamation Achievements not unlocking


    I got the "release the kraken" ingame medal back at the day that update rolled out and my achievement list on console shows it locked but completion 100%.

    It's been like that since then. Also, after the latest xbox one update, achievements for chaac, athena, hel... were included. Well, those did appear to be unlockable in game but did not appear in the console achievement list. I unlocked both chaac medals in smite but they didn't pop up in the gamer score / achievement list as they did not exist yet.

    After the server update which happened hours after the patch release, the achievements appeared on the list able to be unlocked. In fact I got hel's, Hades, Athena's...BUT the Chaac achievements appear at 100% completion but locked.

    As I already have the awards (medal) in game those will be not unlockable for me no matter I do it again, cause the achievements now unlocks upon getting the medal, not doing the task and the medal I already got so won't be able to get those never.

    I'd appreciate if you fix that,thanks.
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    Hi, we are aware of the achievement issue. MS published the achievements late so anyone who completed them before they were published will be in the state you are seeing. We are working closely with MS to correct the issue but it is taking longer than expected. Rest assured we are working towards getting this straightened out for those affected. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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