Hey everyone,

So here's the deal, we have had a roster of about 7 people on and off and we can't seem to get the full team off the ground because no one is willing to put in the time like some of us are.

I want to be a pro gamer and one member on our team is already a pro Battelfield player. We want to take this somewhere. He has orgs and a manager already lined up once we get a full, solid team.

We have a jungler that is amazing. The Pro BF player mains ADC. I main mid but, I've been grinding out solo lane because we HAD a promising mid main. However, he can't get on until about 9pm central time through the weekdays and it seems he's never on then, either. Most Smite tournaments are held during the weekday afternoons so, this is a problem anyways.

As far as support, well, we've tried out several and none of had the want that we want and don't seem to have a steady schedule.

SO here's the deal, we need 1-2 solid players. We need players that can be on at least every other week night and on the weekends for schedule scrims. We want to set up full team practices every other day and to be able to do the tournaments.

So, let me know what position(s) you play, what gods you like in that(those) position(s), and what your schedule looks like and when you are usually on Smite.

Thank you,

IGN: CaptainRedBeardd