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the first time was explaining the idea behind a post another person made as to why they would think that
Except you tried to act like you were talking to someone who lacks common sense. Everyone that has any idea what they are doing compares their concepts to existing characters. I didn't ask why he mention Xing Tian because I needed someone to explain common knowledge to me . I asked why he mentioned Xing Tian because the only, tiny similarity is that he has a knockup. Your response was essentially the same as telling an adult "Don't touch that fire, it will hurt you" like they're a child.

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as for the second post, considering there are over 100 Gods in Smite I apologize if some of my info is wrong or inaccurate

The Gods you mention are Mages or Hunters, not Guardians like Daikokuten, which is where you should be checking to see if numbers on ability costs stay the same or change
Stop digging yourself deeper into this hole and admit you were wrong dude. If you can't be bothered to even check the first 3 characters in the list of gods to see proof that what you said was wrong, don't bother saying it. And dude, I DID check. Cerberus 3, Fafnir 3, Geb 3, Jormungander 2, Khepri 1, Kuzenbo 2, and Terra 1. It is once AGAIN not a rule of god kits and not a flaw with mine. Please, put even the SLIGHTEST amount of effort into thinking before you speak.

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It doesn't mater if you are a fresh faced newbie that this is their first god concept, or seasoned veteran who has made countless god concepts, if I see something that I feel is wrong, or needs fixing I will point it out and offer either constructive criticism and a solution, or an alternative that keeps the original intent behind the idea as close to what I am seeing, but reworded or number tweaked to better fit
Except that you didn't see any flaws. I have absolutely no issue with someone pointing out something that needs to be fixed. You didn't even NITPICK. You made up a problem that didn't exist and tried to say I didn't do things right. TWICE now after your half baked response. If I had any issue with being told something is wrong I wouldn't have fixed up this concept over the course of 3 years. I have an issue with people that pretend there is some issue when there isn't. I have an even BIGGER issue with people that are too dense to realize they've made a mistake and double down on it.

If you see any legitimate issue with the concept, say it. If you're just going to keep making up nonsense in an attempt to feel better about yourself, don't bother.