3D turntable animation of model (movie) and images : www.vimeo.com/valynstyx/psidite


Hey all! I've been working hard on this skin concept for Aphrodite, and the theme is 'psionic'. If you're not sure what a Psionic is, check out wikipedia, but basically think superhero/Xmen.

I imagine all her abilities to be tinted blue, kind of like Soulless Machine Sol but without the 1's and 0s, so more "energy" instead of "digital", with lots more heat distortion à la Solid Hornet AMC's wings. Her abilities make sense with this skin: "Back Off!" pushes people away telekenetically, and her ult is like an impervious psionic energy shield. And obviously she doesn't need a jet pack, because psionics can levitate themselves!

Since psionics can move things with their mind, her staff is actually broken up pieces of metal that move and rotate in mid-air while keeping the structure of a usable battle-ready staff. Her adorning scarf would float behind her as if underwater, like her skirt does in her basic skin. I call her 'PSIdite', short for 'Psionic Aphrodite', and I hope you enjoy the concept!