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Thread: The Chaos Vanguard | Rumble in the Jungle 3v3 Siege Tournament | 30th April 5pm GMT |

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    The Chaos Vanguard | Battle for the Sky Palace 3v3 Joust Tournament | 30th April |


    This will be a pretty standard event, 3v3 Joust with 4 Bans, Simple.

    Match preset:

    • Europe Servers
    • 3v3
    • Joust
    • Draft - 4 Bans
    • 1500 Starting Gold
    • Starting Level 3


    Newest god at the time will be instantly banned. - Jing Wei
    Using this god will result in an instant loss.

    Each team has a maximum of 2 pauses, in the event of a player disconnecting if you have used your 2 pauses already you must continue without them.


    400 Gems per Person on the winning Team, does not include substitutes.

    Signing up:

    For this event we will be using 'Battlefy'.
    So you will need to sign up through them to enter this event but all matches will be organized through CV.
    You can either sign up as a pre made 3 or as a free agent and be given a team

    Event page to sign up:

    Password to Signup: CVSMITE


    Start at 5pm GMT and plan to finish latest 9pm.
    First match will begin at 5:10pm and we will continue them from that point onward.
    Check in starts 60 minutes prior start time so make sure to check in on Battlefy,
    Once you have Checked in on Battlefy please come onto our teamspeak and Message Veloinferno
    who will be located in the tournament section of our teamspeak server.

    Teamspeak id:

    Remember 30th april 5pm GMT!!

    If you have any concerns or questions PM me on Smite Forums or Ingame, IGN: VeloInferno
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