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Thread: Actives -> Relics | Counter Build -> Auto Counter Build?

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    Actives -> Relics | Counter Build -> Auto Counter Build?

    As far as i concern the changes from season 2 to season 3 regarding the relic system have done their work so far. In kinda 99% of my matches i see everyone building 2 relics fitting to any situation in game without multi picking one single relic (besides beads / sanctuary and ofc meditation in assualt).
    So we can say: the time when people did not buy actives or neither use them is over and every team is happy having relics on their mates nowdays.

    On the other hand our lovely casters said during the season 3 patch notes that the idea of season 3 is more about builds and counter builds depending on ingame situations and drafts. Unfortunately i had (i think i am not only talking for myself here) a lot of matches when teammates did not properly counterbuild.

    The best example is any missing item against basic attacking gods (kali / chronos / freya / bakka and any hunter in general).
    If you face 3 basic attacking gods no matter in which gamemode and your support and warrior (concerned you have those in your team) are only going for a "selfish" build without a runic shield / witchblade or midgardian mail any teamfight might end up loosing it. The problem gets even worse if the enemy team builds antihealing against your ra and guan yu (also effecting your hunter's lifesteal).

    So before any teamfight breaks out your team might allready have a disadvantage. This might not be because of a bad draft ubnlucky assault matchmaking or bad mechanics... it is because player dont understand the simple build - counterbuild idea of HiRez as they did not realize the use of any active in season 2.

    Loosing games because of these problems is getting annoying allready.
    So before we end up with some auto counter build option HiRez might work on an idea to make their season 3 plan a way more easy to understand for any casual player out there.

    Thx in advance

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    Not disputing what you are saying is their gameplan but if this is true, they messed up big. The biggest oversight is what players in a game like Smite are suppose to counter build against. To me a counter build is knowing the enemy gods abilities and selecting items that directly affect their abilities. Purchasing items to counter items defeats the entire idea of having items in the first place.

    So if this is really the goal then each god should be reviewed to find their "strongest ability" and an item made to directly counter said ability. Then allow players to spend time trying to find these items and work it into their build. "5 enemies - 6 items".
    Best Of Luck

    For Example:
    It would be fine to remove "passive/active ability lifesteal" but at the same time allow a player to purchase lifesteal and get the effect of it. Anti-lifesteal items don't work this way they directly undermine purchasing lifesteal items all together. Same goes for slow items and movement speed. Player1 seeing Player2 with high movement and should be able to "negate that ability" if they believe it will be a problem. At the same time if Player2 likes moving fast and purchases movement speed items the entire build is undermined by a single item.

    In short items shouldn't effect items. It should only affect abilities. One exception, protections can reduce damage and penetration can reduce protection (don't even know if it should do this or just remove natural protections).
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