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Thread: Jing wei possible buffs and nerfs. (mostly buffs)

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    I think what she needs is a few little positioning changes to her kit to make the zoning on her tornado more fun to play with/against. For instance, maybe make the nado slightly wider and make its attack speed buff channeled into her so you don't have to leave+re-enter it and knock yourself up to refresh the buff. Also giving her 3 the fatalis any time it's used would be nice, so you don't have to use literally half of your kit to get half of nemesis' dash and a decent chance to box. Ontop of that, just speed up her ult a bit and make her passive weaker early game by making it speed dependent. If her passive is what people are worried is gonna be OP, just making it so she speeds up with speed boosts and making it shorter by base would make it so end game she maintains absurd positioning capabilities, but early game she has a lack of ability to just pop into lane continuously while being able to base any time she's in slight trouble. This would curb her strength in solo lane while giving her back the strength the nerf would cost her that is really kinda integral to her kit.

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    I find her painfully underwhelming, unfortunately because i love the concept of this god.
    Imo, there are just things about her that could be better, not necessarily dmg but her agility that makes her enjoyable to play with.

    i love how Jing Wei flies around after leaving the fountain, i think her ult would be better if:
    1.Jing Wei can free fly for a short duration just like when leaving the fountain before she will land.
    2.much faster casting time.
    3.fires that ult a second time before or while landing.
    I think her (3) dash range without (1) is too short, and even combined with her 1, still a little too short.
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    The way to fix jing wei is to make her passive have a cooldown like kumbas but not as long. The way to buff her is to make her dash faster and her ult cast cast time faster, simple as that.

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