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Thread: My god and skin creations

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    My god and skin creations


    Okay, so, the main reason I've wanted to do this is simply because I want to have a a place for my concepts that can be accessed easily.
    The second reason is obviously to get some views for them, like, who wouldn't want that?

    - The concept marked with GOLD is the NEWEST one -

    - The concepts marked with RED have WON THE MONTHLY CONTEST by Aurasai -


    Hydra, The Learnean Terror Mid-range mage, DoT, sustain
    Deimos and Phobos, The Dreadful Brothers Melee warrior, stance switch with passive
    Morpheus, The God of Dreams Mage/hunter, spammable abilities, utility
    Daedalus, The Inventor Hunter, zoning, sieging, long range
    Plane, Personification of Error Mage/guardian who quite literally punishes her opponents for their errors


    Larunda, The Silenced One (Collaboration with mrgreekzies, Mage, unique combo mechanic, a lot of abilities


    Fujin, The God of the Wind Melee warrior, mobility, great late-game scaling
    Kuraokami, The Winter Dragon Short-medium range mage, lot of utility


    Tapio, King of the Woods Melee warrior, unique playstyle, many possible roles
    Kuu, Goddess of the Moon Melee warrior, 9 abilities, stealth, high utility, low burst


    Lugh of the Long-Arm Melee warrior, tank slayer, two weapons/skillsets with a twist

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