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Thread: Team looking for ACTIVE players - wanting to take it all the way

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    Team looking for ACTIVE players - wanting to take it all the way


    I'm CaptainRedBeardd and my team has had the worst time finding players that actually want to do something with this game. The main roster is me and 2 other that are always on but, we can't seem to find 2 other good players that are on often enough for regular practices and scrims. We already have our name out to sponsors and managers, just need a full team!

    We are looking for a support main and then someone that can either ADC or Jungle. Our current jungler started in the ADC role so, he can play both fairly well.

    All 3 of us are on every night but, we can't always ask that of you. We get on about 5-6 EST and play until our fingers bleed..or our eyes from being tired. Two of us work first shift and the other is a professional gamer. We would like to hold full team practices at least every other night and several scrims on the weekends. We already have other teams lined up that want to scrim.

    Just add me in smite or PM or reply on here if you're interested.

    PLEASE have Curse and/or TeamSpeak 3. If you don't, both are free.

    IGN: CaptainRedBeardd

    Thanks for reading
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    My name is Alex (ign: DatNewNew). You asked for a little about myself so lets have a go at it. I'm from Cali, currently in school, and I work full time. I usually play smite between 20-40 hours a week, depending on the week etc. Mostly on the weekends, rarely during the week, maybe for a game or two.
    My goal in smite is to become competitive and play with MLG players and just get Really really good, and start a youtube channel.
    I'd like to join your team because SOLO is my FAVORITE and I LOVE BELLONA and LOKI. Those are the two characters i've played with a lot.
    I'm open to ANYTHING. I'll try gods you want me to try, i'll listen to what you have to say and take criticism and failures as something to learn from. Ask me a questions I'll give you a straight answer. I love playing smite, I love fucking wrecking people, and I hate losing. I may or may not have enough time to play as often as you would like to be around, but if our times line up and we can work something out, i'd be more than willing to be your favorite solo laner, and one day the best in smite.

    So yeah. My IGN is DatNewnew. Your welcome to send me a personal message and let me know. I'm actually going to start a thread looking for teams to play with. This is my first attempt at reaching out to a competitive team on smite, and trust me, if we can get good enough, and are cohesive enough and willing to work as a team in a sense of harmony and really learn each scenario and just work really well as a team, i'll probably get a boner and want to play all the time and cut some time off work just to commit more to the team.

    Alex. Hopefully i'll get to know you peoples. Have a good day~!
    PM ME to play games. I'm taking my gameplay to the next level, join me!

    Goals: All Gods mastery 10, play with an MLG team, Create A team for Competitions.

    Lets 1v1 all day?

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