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Thread: Can any support players explain to me how to not suck at support?

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    Can any support players explain to me how to not suck at support?

    It's the only role I just flat out suck at. I hardly play ranked because I don't wanna be the "anything but support guy"...

    Here are my questions:

    1. What is the starting build?
    2. When should I start rotating for mid camps?
    3. How do you deal with a bad hunter teammate? This is my biggest problem. The guy who keeps walking into sobek pulls or taking harass for free all day.
    4. Who should I focus in teamfights? Should I disrupt their hunter, mage, assasin, or just peel for my carries?
    5. What are the best duo combos? Like I know the top hunters because I play alot of hunter, but I don't really know the best supports besides SWK( nerfed) and odin(always banned).


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    1. Depends on the support. Starter + Hog1 + 2 wards + 4 multi. The starter changes depending on my support choice and the enemy team, usually Death's Toll for physical, and Watchers Gift for Magical. For newer support players, i'd suggest Watcher's Gift for every god.

    2. As the support/tank, you generally need to be at every fight. If there is a fight, the support should be there, initiating. Mid camps respawn every 3 minutes, so you want to be at the mid camps at about 3:15, ready to fight. If fighting starts, you are doing your job of being there soaking damage/initiating. If a fight doesnt start, you are doing your job at helping secure Mid Camps (as support is very close to being a 2nd jungler)

    3. If your hunter is behind, the best thing that your hunter can do is to just get as much solo farm as possible. This will help him/her catch up and be a threat in the mid/late game. If your hunter is constantly getting killed, either he is just bad and getting boxed to death (suggest that he just farms up for late game), or others are camping the lane (Which means you and/or the jungle should "babysit" the duo lane to prevent the 2v1/3v1s)

    4. Depends on many different factors, including but not limited to. A. God Compositions on both teams. B. How fed each god is. C. Is someone focusing the same person over and over? D. Are you initiating or counter-initiating? There are just too many scenarios to go over. But generally you want to keep your hunter or other damage dealers to keep dealing damage. Whether it means peeling, stunning, body-blocking, etc.

    5. Synergy between the support and ADC is more important than the tiers of the gods. Also some supports bring things to the table that other supports dont, so a "lower Tier" support may work better for a certain team than a higher tier support.

    But overall, SWK > Odin > Geb =Bacchus~=Guan=Chaac=Athena>Sobek=Herc>Kumba=Ares> Ymir>Unusual Supports.

    SWK has very good clear, good cc options, a great tower diving ability, and great mobility. SWK can go on nearly every team and play very well.
    Odin can combo extremely well with the right team.
    Geb has good utility and movement (just a little sub par clear).
    Bacchus has CC for days but is mana intensive.
    Guan has an amazing initiate, good clear, and a heal.
    Chaac has good damage and a decent ult (lacks in the utility department though).
    Athena has an amazing taunt and good map presence.
    Sobek has the heal reduction and the fling/knockup.
    Herc has the pull and stun but currently is clunky and unreliable (but after the buff he will be the best support by far).
    Kumba has CC for days, but damage and movement are kinda low.
    Ares has great early game player damage and is a walking beads waster.
    Ymir has his stun, but is generally weak.

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    I agree with a lot that Azimuth has said. Just to add, from an ADC's perspective (i main it these days). What helps me is when my support is aggressive in lane but knows when to retreat. It's a fine balance. You should know how to use the minion waves to your advantage and attack when it's opportune. If a wave has just come out and we're out of position, we tend to get more dmg taken from minions then anything's just messy. My goal as an adc is to try and keep the wave cleared, for gold/xp purposes, and utility purposes. It's easier to make a move without the minions in the way, say, if jungle were to happen upon our lane and gank. If you see the enemy support leave lane (not going Back, but leaving), it's safe to assume you should leave too. ADCs can usually handle eachother in lane, providing wards are down and your ADC isnt incredibly behind.

    I tend to like SWK support and Athena support the least. Perhaps, it's just been my bad experience, but Athena's dash often times puts her out of position (it's hard for a lot of players to save it for an escape rather than an initiate) and she tends to be pretty squishy in the beginning. SWK has an amazing ult to get away but his poke isnt as good as some of the other choices, IMO. I do enjoy a good ymir support. He does so much damage while being able to take a bit as well. A good ymir can really make the game. Bacchus has great poke and CC and is a great choice if you can manage your mana correctly. Ares, at first, I never enjoyed having him as support, but I must say, a good Ares does SO much damage and those chains are brutal. I've been completely locked down by an Ares before and it's super frustrating.

    other than that, it's a matter of what you prefer. None of the support options are bad. They all have their pros and cons. The main thing is to poke enemies and minions for your hunter and keep it warded until your hunter gets heartseeker finished atleast (that's when i start buying wards myself). Stay on top of getting blue buff for your hunter, very important. Everything else above is good advice as far as harpies go. If your ADC is doing very well and finds him/herself ahead, don't be afraid to roam. It can be a welcome surprise for the other lanes to get your help and get them ahead a bit.
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