Battle of the Mortals
Thursday, March 31st, 2016
1v1 Joust

Win Conditions: First to 3 kills OR First to take tower
​Screenshots must be provided for tower kills
Once 3 kills are reached, players should quit the game and screenshot the match details
Bracket Type: Double Elimination Bo1, Finals Bo3
God Bans: Ao Kuang, Aphrodite, Bakasura, Bastet, Chang'e, Chronos, Kali, Loki, Skadi, Thanatos
​These gods were deemed to have unfair mechanics in a 1v1 scenario by the admins. List is final.​

Game Mode
Match Selection: Joust
Team Size: 1v1
Starting Level: 3
God Picking Method: Blind Pick (no bans)
Starting Gold: 1500

1st place: $20 Steam gift card
Top 4: Convention Guan Yu or Convention Tyr skin (choose one)
Top 8: SMITECentral player icons

Full details and how to sign up at