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Thread: Looking for serious players

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    Looking for serious players


    I've been playing Smite for a couple of years now. Made it to level 30 in the PC beta before release. I would like to find some serious gamers to play when on the PS4. I don't know what it is about my luck but some people are just brain dead when it comes to jungle rolls or even how not to tower dive. I play to have fun but mainly when that fun leads to winning. There are some games where the comp will clearly not work but I know that we will have fun running it so a loss is acceptable but running around the entire map cause you don't know what to do is unacceptable.

    Please PM me PSN: Ketchthered and I would enjoy setting up some games and maybe getting a group of people together who can master each roll. I am also up to fill a roll that any team might have on their roster.

    Just some extra info.... I prefer solo lane but adc is my second favorite. Bellona is my favorite God. I have 40+ masteries on PC (last I checked I was close to 50).

    TLDR: looking for serious gamers to win with.
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    Hey, I'm also looking for some experienced players xD I played on PC for a few years, but on PS4 I literally think I play with bots sometimes.

    Ill add you up in just a min. Hopefully we can play

    For anyone else wanting to play my PSN is : ParanoidPotato
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