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Thread: Chang'e, what next?

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    Maybe she can't pull insane damage, but hell if she is really fun to play.
    She isn't a massive damage dealer like other mages, but she is a pretty great harasser thanks to her passive and her 2.
    In my opinion Gem of isolation is perfect on her.

    Quote Originally Posted by James720 View Post
    I like Chang'e just the way she is right now.
    I don't really feel she needs a CHANG'E to her kit at all.
    Her healing isn't fantastic as well as her damage in general, at the cost of being a well rounded god.
    Although I wouldn't mind a small healing/damage/cooldown reduction buff.
    I think she has already crazylow cooldowns if compared with all other mages, the only thing she need IMHO is a small increase of the percentage addition on her 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NefariousFusion View Post
    I think she has already crazylow cooldowns if compared with all other mages, the only thing she need IMHO is a small increase of the percentage addition on her 3.
    I meant a cooldown reduction on her 2. It kinda has painfully long cooldown, especially early game and even if cooldown reduction is built.
    Within good reason though, I suppose.

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    She loses not many matchups outright if you build and play correctly.
    Chang'es early game isn't that bad outside of getting invaded, which is why she is deadly with a high pressure jungler like Thor. She can apply lots of damage especially with power pot and she can absolutely BODY certain gods because of how they clear. And if u get to late game, you can win quite hard especially in teamfights. A team comp that complements chang'e can often win hard, considering Chang'e snowballs really hard.
    She will always be underplayed because you cannot pick her before last pick, or you will counterpicked by Hades/Sometimes Fenrir, and you will lose unless u play it perfectly and you get a bit lucky.

    Chang'e and her matchups in solo (not mentioning mid will take too long)
    Really Good:
    Aphrodite- shuts her down and bodies her, and can make them irrelevant to the whole game
    Ra- See above.
    Nu wa- Level 5 burst is really high against squishies if power pot is taken. Chang'e can harass her really hard
    ALL HUNTERS (except maybe neith) Really squishy and too weak early to withstand her harass, can whittle them down and force them back, making them further behind, or killing them at level 5.
    Loki- Bodies him, can dodge his damage and even his ult if u time it perfectly(and are lucky). Really squishy

    Guan Yu- heal the minions from taolu damage, and negate his healing
    Vamana- Can strafe his 1 and 3 with your passive, and can use 3 to runaway from his ult while lowering his healing

    Counters If played perfectly. High skill cap matchups:
    Tyr: You can negate his heal with yours. Tyr clear is weaker earlier, especially if you go power pot, as you always should against Tyr.
    Your passive means that u can strafe and dodge his abilities, and he will normally use to combos to clear the wave.
    - Assault Fearless -> Power cleave
    Use your abilties to dodge his dash. If he goes for you and not the minions, reacting quickly enough can cause him to miss completely giving you the advantage
    -Guard Fearless--> Power cleave or just power cleave:
    If u time your 3 so it hits when he goes in to clear, you can heal up the damage his dash did to your minions, and do dmg to him. This makes it hard for him to sustain early.

    Goes even with:
    Bellona- if u don't get forced out early, you can start to counter her quite hard, and if you get the advantage early, its a bad matchup for Bellona
    Take your 2 earlier, maybe even at lvl 2 or 3 and dodge her bludgeon slams, which is quite a lot of her damage onto chang'e early.
    Hercules- You win unless you get pulled by his 2. Which can happen
    Most Other Matchups

    Loses to:
    Fenrir: You can only beat a fenrir unless you play the matchup well and time your abilities well. Or if he is stupid.
    Hades: She gets bodied by him so hard and is the main reason you can only pick her late. BUT, you can occasionally win against him if you time your 3 absolutely perfectly so that the tick from your 3 applies when he is casting his 3/ jumps to the wave using his 1. Or if he is really, really stupid. But, if you can survive you bring m=way more than him to the table late game.

    Chang'es early/mid game power spike when she starts stacking doom orb catches a lot of people off guard and can result in some very powerful rotations to mid. Most squishy mid laners don't like a 4-1-3/4-3-1( faster) combo hitting them for 600 damage at 13 minutes when they might havve only 1200 or so health.

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