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Thread: Pizza Man Mercury - Skin Concept

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    Pizza Man Mercury - Skin Concept

    Mercury is an assassin know for his overwhelming speed and mobility.
    Hi - Rez, I want to pitch you the idea of a Pizza delivery man skin for Mercury.
    I want this to be a tier 2 skin for 250 Gems and I want the skin to have its own voice pack.

    Skill 1 - I want this ability to look basically like the original but instead, I want him to do the skill while holding the Pizza Box under his right arm pit. Instead of saying made you look, I want him to say "Sorry not your order".

    Skill 2 - I want him to be just basically the same.

    Skill 3 - I want him to charge, and toss theme up while saying "Sorry In a hurry"

    Skill 4 - I want him to charge normally but keep the pizza bos on top of both hands as if he was serving the dish, and I would like him to say "I'm on time".

    I would like him to have a red pizza shirt and a little hat with a Smity Pizza's logo on the shirt and on the box.

    Hi - Rez thanks for reading my concept and hope you run with the idea. If you're thinkong about it, can you email me, I would to hear great news like this.

    ReeSlyther - [email protected]

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    1) A Tier 2 skin for 250 is only slightly changed: same voice lines, same ability effects, just looks cooler, really.
    2) It's not a bad concept, but if you want HiRez to notice it then you should put it on Reddit as they tend to not pay attention to the forums.
    3) Saying "I want" is awkward, it'd be less weird if you were to say "He would". (Not a necessary change but it just sounds weird to say "I want," but maybe that's just me.)
    I love looking at god and skin concepts! If you want me to look at one then just message me the link. (DISCLAIMER: I probably will only glance over it if it's too crowded, that is my one and only request)
    Got a god/skin concept you want done? Look at the link below, if the god is there, then I'll get to him/her eventually. If not, reply to the post with your suggestion.
    My God and Skin Concepts: God and Skin Concepts ~ AnnaRose

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    his 1 circle could be a pizza restaurant logo....also, hi-rez doesn't really read our all

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