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Thread: High ping - And ton of lag - Every match!

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    Angry High ping - And ton of lag - Every match!


    I've had these issues for a long period of time, and it makes me, want to quit.
    I play on EU servers. But on every match i tend to have these bad lags that makes me teleport back and forward. And i know other people have this issues too. And my ping is crazy, no joke. I've gotten over 1000 ping before, but that was a rare case, and the whole team had lag that time. But i tend to get 200/700 ping or something like that. And i can't play SMITE with no possibility to see where i am and where i'm landing my attacks. So if somebody got a fix for this, then that would be great. Cause i'm starting to think it might not be the servers? I don't know. Please help.
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    I have noticed similar problems when playing with hackers or when my internet is bad.

    May I suggest trying to add a post to the FPS Drop & Input Lag Thread I started to try and get an Official Thread -

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