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Thread: Zeus skin selection

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    Zeus skin selection

    Hey Baker!

    It seems that there is a small visual issue at the skin selection part when picking Zeus. I own 3 Zeus skins: the X skin, Uncle Zeus and the mastery rank 10 diamond skin. When I am in god selection picking Zeus the skin selection will only show 3 skins - the standard skin, the X skin and Uncle Zeus. All other skins (mastery skins and non mastery skins) are invisible. The weird part about this issue is that I can actually select my diamond skin by highlighting Uncle Zeus and pressing right on my controller.

    To help you guys investigate the issue I documented it on my Xbox by taking 2 screen shots (captures section). I just followed you on twitter, so its easier for you to send me a pm if you need my gamertag (its different from my forum name). Andy (HiRez Lancelot) should also have my Xbox gamer tag. My twitter is NastySurprise (@Moete_Kitazo).

    Edit: I just saw that another user already reported this issue and want to add to it only occurs when picking Zeus, the Ymir skin selection works perfectly fine for me.

    Edit 2: It seems that only game modes that feature the updated god selection are affected, game modes that feature the old god selection (Motd Cup Runneth Over for example) work perfectly fine.
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    Thanks for the report! I have passed this additional info along to the devs.
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