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Thread: Welcoming peeps.

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    Welcoming peeps.

    Alright, so..
    I was extremely bored, so I said hello to each and every individual who introduced themselves on Trubble’s thread..

    Hello Charles! Are you sure it’s not pokemon now?
    Hello Aaron! Why are you having a child through budding again?
    Hello Kris! You must be smart to be able to solve a rubiks cube!
    Hello Donald! You’re fat you say? Keep a balanced diet and that’ll be gone in no time!
    Hello Andrei! You don’t have to say much, just be there for the good moments in life!
    Hello Jen! I could really never like Mustard..
    Hello David! You say you’re sleeping most of the time, are you sure it’s not moderating?
    Hello KingScuba! You really like Wombats, huh?
    Hello George! Nothing wrong with a little fun in your life!
    Hello Alex! A butcher is not so bad… At least you’re skilled with a knife.
    Hello Lyndsey! That song gets stuck in my head everytime I hear it >:3
    Hello Mathias! You must live a wonderful life then! I sure do, cause that’s what I do!
    Hello Andrew! Hugging people is such a wonderful gift!
    Hello Damla! Animal hats are so cute!
    Hello RippleApple! Causing people pain is only acceptable in the face of Justice!
    Hello Remy! Congratulations on your marriage!
    Hello As4mo3! I also play piano! What’s your favorite song?
    Hello Riven! I don’t play LoL that much, but as long as you’re having fun!
    Hello Flareb00t! I love your Word of Thoth, thinking of updating it anytime soon? Math is fun too!
    Hello Orion! As long as you’re having fun it’s good! Also, cool name!
    Hello Catalin! If you like Math as well, go talk to Flareb00t, you’ll get along just fine!
    Hello Rene! If you’re talking about manliness, you haven’t seen me yet XD
    Hello Liss! It’s not weird to join late, most did anyways.
    Hello again Kris! That’s so awesome! Was the olympic torch heavy?
    Hello Matt! Coca-Cola is far superior to Dr.Pepper!! Just sayin’
    Hello Ricky! Support is a fun role!
    Hello Borislav! Nyuu, get an umbrella! You’ll catch a cold!
    Hello VarenWolf! Geb FG steals are fun.
    Hello Said! History is boring to me… That’s a pretty nice name, I wonder who said it.
    Hello Erl! Well, seems like your family is competitive..
    Hello Andrei! Programming is a very unique process.. Don’t give up on your dreams!
    Hello Sydney! Dancing is hard for me to grasp.. I bet you’re really good at it by now!
    Hello Vlad! Nothing wrong with liking what you want to like.
    Hello James! I don’t get the reference if there is one, but welcome!
    Hello Zachariah! You’re a nice mix of sport and nerd! I like it!
    Hello Geoff! I bet you’re pretty good with MOBAs then, I don’t like them. (Why do I play this game)
    Hello Alex! You’re balls at this game! Cool, Me too!
    Hello Ashley! Hope you make it to the big leagues!
    Hello Jorge! Games are for fun anyways, it’s hard not to like them!
    Hello Eleni! Nicknames are great in relationships though. They’re so nice!
    Hello Ryan! You must be a fluffy white Panda!
    Hello Josh! You’re a father now! Congratulations! I love this forum!
    Hello Nima! Support it all the way!

    Hello Joachim! You’re not that! You’re wonderful!
    Hello Lobselvith! An Indie Dev! How many games?
    Hello Cael! Try out Bacchus sometimes, he’s fun!
    Hello Alexander! Tick-Tak-Toe? Wow, how bored were you?
    Hello Mario! I bet you’re the best in the world by now!
    Hello Chase! Congratulations on your Marriage! Man, I love this forum!
    Hello Jezereal! That’s a wonderful name! Piano is fun, especially whenever you feel like playing it!
    Hello Ryan! I also am composing music! I do it only for fun though. I’ll check it out sometime :3
    Hello PoorDumbAnimal! Come on, at least introduce yourself XD
    Hello RigidAugustine! Welcome to the forums! And nice Gif!
    Hello Elijah! Then I bet you’re as good as Mario up there!
    Hello Kacey! How’s that been going? I recently quit Violin to pursue Piano instead.
    Hello Josh! You have a baby girl! How cute, how’s she been?
    Hello Andrew! I don’t know why you said that as a question, but I guess.
    Hello Esther! It’s not a waste if you enjoyed every bit of it!
    Hello Michael! My cousin recently got first place in a bodybuilding competition! She’s strong!
    Hello Evan! You’re a news editor! How cool!
    Hello Jeff! I rarely watch Twitch, but I’ll check you out sometime :3
    Hello Jake! I’m meh at math, but it seems like you’re not! Good luck with all that!
    Hello Jed! Cats are so cute! I just wanna hug ‘em!
    Hello Jonathan! You might, or might not.. But I bet you are!
    Hello Orwar! I have only good memories of Carpenters.
    Hello Irene! Dream big! Who knows what’ll happen!
    Hello Chielus! Wow! You must be really talented!
    Hello Emma! I’m pretty sure 99% of the world agree.
    Hello Kenneth! How’s school holding up?
    Hello Bishop! What’s a 5150?
    Hello Chris! Sushi is so good! I’m glad you agree!
    Hello WulvStorm! Wolves are scary, and cute. They’re like wilder dogs.
    Hello Rizky! What language is that? It’s beautiful!
    Hello StuntMaster16! Never heard of the game, hope it was fun!
    Hello Vanessa! I am also unemployed… Beautiful name by the way!
    Hello Modhaffer! Support is a fun, but hard to master role. Good luck!
    Hello Chris! Guitar is.. Meh.. I’m more of a Piano guy.
    Hello Kyle! I couldn’t get into Hip-Hop :/
    Hello Scott! A five ounce bird could not be able to carry a human being!
    Hello Brooklyns11b! Game is fun, game is good, life is good.
    Hello Trace! That’s my brother’s name, he rages a lot so I hope you’re not the same.
    Hello Anni! Unicorns are great!
    Hello Habib! This game is fun!
    Hello Enig! Keep on keepin on!
    Hello Pyro! Work is always boring.
    Hello Jaan! Not sure what that means, but welcome!

    Hello Nakaboshy! Beatbox for me sometime :3
    Hello Nolat! I’d love to see your ideas!
    Hello Cap’n Wafflebeard! I love that name so much! (I actually ate some waffles today)
    Hello Graham! I actually never noticed that before XD
    Hello Glen! Sounds like a blast!
    Hello Hunter! Don’t we all~?
    Hello Dorian! It’s never too late!
    Hello Boatmurdered! Your life sounds interesting!
    Hello BlazdWizrd! I guess your name says it all.
    Hello Emre! You’re cute to me!
    Hello Tony! I know you do, Shaman, I know you do.
    Hello Mihail! Come again?
    Hello Mark! Tell me about that sometime :3
    Hello Adam! Ooh~ Can you do a backflip?
    Hello Ioana! Art school? Awesome! Draw a dragon for Trubble and Shaman!
    Hello Megan! Do your work!
    Hello Ida! It’s a lotta disease and death, I’ll tell ya.
    Hello Michelle! Sweden is really nice, tell me about it sometime :3
    Hello Rory! Yoga hurts my body.
    Hello Indy! Have fun you two :3
    Hello Tim! The colors make it hard to read :/
    Hello Chris! Are you pro now?
    Hello Jack! I’m half-alseep.. What are you saying?
    Hello Eli! Kelly is really fun! Too bad she left ;-;
    Hello Rod! Partying isn’t my thing.
    Hello Mugdad! Arena is full of salty people XD
    Hello Vladmir! How do you invade other countries?
    Hello Dean! Please don’t write dirty Fanfictions~
    Hello Magnum! I’ve recently been loving Ares as well! Hope work goes well for ya!
    Hello Michal! We like this game too! Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Jeroen! Never played it :/
    Hello PJ! Coffee is good, but so is tea.
    Hello Zera! Well, hope you enjoyed the game!
    Hello Chris! But that’s the only way I can solve a rubiks cube >:3
    Hello Bartek! The closest I’ve been to sailing was Wind Waker…
    Hello John! Quite the interesting mix!
    Hello Augusto! Why are you studying that?
    Hello Jordan! XD, Yes everything counts!
    Hello Aric! Isn’t that heavy though?
    Hello Mike! It’s in the top right under settings.
    Hello Marcus! Keep trying, it’s bound to happen one day!
    Hello Kristin! As you said, it’s cool!
    Hello BornHero! Not the place to rant XD

    Hello Haxena! Noodles are delicious! Also, what a wonderful name!
    Hello Thomas! You’re gay? Cool! I’m Bi. :3
    Hello Sabina! I bet it’s nice here, huh?
    Hello Asiye! Geeks are the funnest to hang around with!
    Hello Thean! You’re not average, everyone’s special!
    Hello Will! My father is a Veteran too!
    Hello Matt! You sure have a keen eye on Twitter don’t you, Magic?
    Hello Ashley! I think all first names are lovely! And cats are too!
    Hello Dezzy! I love your first name though!
    Hello Evan! Be sure to contact me when you need a hug!
    Hello Robert! Well, you’re not wrong..
    Hello Sumike! Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Michael! Post more concepts then!
    Hello Mike! How does that go?
    Hello Dylan! Aw man, does that hurt?
    Hello Loris! Hopefully not in the literal sense..
    Hello Agung! Welcome back!
    Hello Konstantinos! How’s that going for you?
    Hello Austin! It’ll wear off eventually.
    Hello Cody! Deep message indeed.
    Hello Darragh! Everything’s interesting when it’s you!
    Hello Jon! Anime is fun and all, but you’ve gotta take a break sometimes.
    Hello Tijs! Ra is fun! Hope you have a great day as well!
    Hello Ranumies! Smite is a fun game, glad you agree.
    Hello Phil! I don’t have a beard, and when people rub their beards up against me, it hurts.
    Hello Djungelkniv! I also like creating Music!
    Hello Diego! Sounds fun! Do you know how to play the Mexican Hat Dance? XD
    Hello Kurt! Do it, I wanna see what happens.
    Hello James! MOBAs have only been on PC until recent XD
    Hello Konerking! Scylla gets mixed up with annie a lot.
    Hello Thea! I have no skills except for being me. (Which I’m good at)
    Hello Jordan! Games are wonderful things!
    Hello Henshaw! How did you play DC Universe Online? It was very unenjoyable for me.
    Hello Michael! Jungling is superb!
    Hello Justin! I could never get into Artemis…
    Hello Anee! Oh my god, that sounds adorable.
    Hello Grinkuutu! Come on, let’s see that beautiful name of yours :3
    Hello Conor! Just.. Don’t do it anymore..
    Hello Avy! Sounds like what I’m doing atm.
    Hello Georgie! That stuff got a little too complicated for me..
    Hello Dio! So many cool things that you do! Wow! How wonderful!
    Hello Florina! Drawing is hard, maybe that’s why I went to Music..
    Hello Nikki! Do you enjoy it so far?

    Hello Stone! Your name is the same of my friend! I like you already!
    Hello Kubito! Welcome to the Forums!
    Hello Bailley! You’re name is the same of my Ex. Bad memories there. Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Nikki! Quite the ship I see.
    Hello Brian! Stahp! You’re making me hungry!
    Hello Gkika! Sword fighting is great, I bet you are too!
    Hello Jiro! (Nope, I can’t)
    Hello Jovan! How does that work?
    Hello Turn! Did’ya get a job yet?
    Hello Aaron! Positivity is key :3
    Hello Shiraz! That’s a wonderful name, don’t anyone tell you otherwise!
    Hello Robert! Sing more, I bet you have a wonderful voice! Get over that stage fright first though!
    Hello Nathan! It’s a nice sight, really.
    Hello Murilo! Sounds good.
    Hello Johnny! It’s all worth it, keep those concepts coming!
    Hello Debbie! I like eggs too! We’ll get along just fine!
    Hello Bailey! How does that fare?
    Hello Sir! If you are rich, buy Az gems!
    Hello Marco! Trains are annoying and a little scary.
    Hello Corie! Scars are just visible stories.
    Hello Mostafa! The world sucks, but the people are cool I guess. I care for them all :3
    Hello Graysmog! Sci-Fi games get a little repetitive to me.
    Hello Diego! Wolves are scary and cute. Soccer is also very scary but not so cute.
    Hello Simon! You’re probably the best warrior now!
    Hello Zach! Movies bore me most of the time.
    Hello Justin! How awesome! You’re a co-founder!?
    Hello John! Seems.. Interesting.. I guess?
    Hello Abe! LoZ is better~! And I don’t have a favorite color, I guess them all..
    Hello Ian! Spaghetti is tasty!
    Hello Expeditus! Welcome to the Forums!
    Hello Chris! Another musician! How awesome!
    Hello Ian! A volunteer teacher! For what ages?
    Hello David! The fandom? I never could get into that.
    Hello Alex! Mah dood
    Hello Edgars! Poker? Really, Rainbow?
    Hello Brittiany! Good choice of Cereal!
    Hello Stas! I believe you! U smot u loyel u a genus XD
    Hello Michael! Did I miss something? I didn’t get what you meant..
    Hello Evan! Did you get better by chance?
    Hello Inigo! Sorry, but I didn’t kill your father..
    Hello Emily! The most I do is doodling.
    Hello Patrick! I mean, you aren’t a starfish, so you’re not wrong…
    Hello Samantha! You must be skilled then!

    Hello Potato! Holy crap, you’re big!
    Hello Rakrynaz! Teaching instruments and playing them.. Are you a teacher?
    Hello Mark! I’m sorry, but your post was way too complicated..
    Hello Dante! Onions make me cry.. But I’m slowly becoming immune!
    Hello Marc! Hope you enjoy your stay!
    Hello Logan! It’s fun, really!
    Hello Denis! I’ve many fears, so I fear the ocean.. When I need a ferry, can I ride on your back?
    Hello Nessie! How’s that been going?
    Hello Jen! Writing short stories is a great way to burn time!
    Hello Rushi! Science hurts my brain.
    Hello Matthew! PC > all
    Hello Sander! Can.. Can you do all my makeup from now on?
    Hello Derrick! Building Jets is so awesome! Is that fun?
    Hello Foureyes! I used to have glasses, but my eyes adjusted again (something along those lines)
    Hello Sarah! Was the Cheesecake good?
    Hello Jack! Hope you like the MOBA genre!
    Hello Ava! Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Red! The first Pokemon Generation is best! What was your starter?
    Hello Bia! The addiction will wear off. *Pushes up doctor’s glasses*
    Hello Kieran! Do you enjoy it more on PC?
    Hello Noah! What is that job?
    Hello Steve! Go easy on that stuff.
    Hello Jeremias! Now you’ve gotta talk real fast and do things quickly!
    Hello Power! Nerds are welcome here! (Mwuahaha)
    Hello Axel! Pudding, is so delicious! Share some with me?
    Hello Bad0pel! Eyes are beautiful, they can say so much.
    Hello xRogueReaper! How does Broadcasting fare?
    Hello Alec! Dinosaurs are spooky.
    Hello Pero! I used to do some Parkour before… Do a magic trick for me~
    Hello Kalani! I don’t like Vaping, go easy, okay?
    Hello Gerardo! MOBAs are fun, but complicated.
    Hello Chrissy! Pumpkin Pie is best!
    Hello Kaycee! What is that?
    Hello Joseph! Welcome to the Forums!
    Hello Tore! Teach me how to cook! I have no clue what I’m doing!
    Hello Lyca! Rats scare me. So I’d want to see them when I’m at least 10 feet away.
    Hello Lucas! I’m not going to judge.
    Hello Roman! Humanity will end one day though.
    Hello Paul! I’m also white..
    Hello Justin! Thanks for your service!
    Hello George! I like candy and Pokemon! Let’s talk sometime, okay? :3
    Hello Kit! Wonderful name!
    Hello Ignacio! I like games too! :3

    Hello Devin! All colors are beautiful!
    Hello Asaad! Loki hurts me a lot. Don’t kill me.
    Hello Will! I like classical music and classic rock!
    Hello Seth! Mages and Hunters are squish central, be careful!
    Hello Pingu! So you’re a competitive type?
    Hello Nick! I can’t get into watching sports :/
    Hello O! You’re never too old XD
    Hello Joe! Sounds interesting indeed!
    Hello Kyvan! It’s also the reason why I joined too!
    Hello Alex! Mythology is a big reason I joined as well!
    Hello Will! How about Classical music?
    Hello Matthew! Cheese is great! Onions are my concern.
    Hello Riley! Damage or tanky?
    Hello Attoogaymer! Come again?
    Hello Alexander! How does that go for you now?
    Hello Henry! I am also a friendly person!
    Hello Curtis! Are you implying something?
    Hello Alexander! I love this game too! Maybe not the saltiness, but still..
    Hello Brachydios34557! Didya get outta bronze? Also, those numbers in user hurt my brain.
    Hello Nazregoth! Check out the General Smite Discussion, drama always appears there.
    Hello Aidan! Learning something new is always fun!
    Hello Salina! What is Sawce? Is that Sauce?
    Hello Nicholas! It’s hard to find your channel :/
    Hello LunSei! Birds poop on me, I don’t like birds. They also carry diseases.
    Hello David! Welcome to the forums!
    Hello TgDank! How’s league coming?
    Hello Matthieu! Link from LoZ? Oh my god, can I just say how hot he is?
    Hello Leo! Are you pro yet? If not, keep trying, you’ll be there one day :3
    Hello DagaXD! Smite is super funny at times. If that’s what you’re saying..
    Hello Guillermo! I also like to!
    Hello Lexie! Has that changed?
    Hello Zegathe! Is Fenrir your pet?
    Hello Sas! Good nightcore is hard to find, but the songs are soo good!
    Hello Proxy! I hope you enjoy your stay :3
    Hello Guro! That’s currently my plan for the week :3
    Hello Nadi! I also like cats! We’ll get along just fine~
    Hello Michal! What are you broadcasting?
    Hello Andreas! I can’t cook at all :3
    Hello LethalSkillzX! Welcome to the forums!
    Hello Nathan! Teaching is difficult though…
    Hello Anthony! I thought you weren’t bad, but you’re banned so…
    Hello Tony! A mech driver by day, a Smite player by night.. Cool!
    Hello Trevor! I could never get into those things

    Hello Aleksander! Enjoying games are what they’re meant for!
    Hello Ben! Support is fun!
    Hello Jon! You must be good at fighting then!
    Hello Klaythos! Mythology is cool!
    Hello Franceska! All genders are welcome!
    Hello Thomas! Go job hunting again!
    Hello Turd! What do you mean?
    Hello Way! Quite the procrastinator I presume.
    Hello Ari! I like looking at Cute boys and girls. Because everyone’s beautiful!
    Hello Jon! Heard of the game, never played it.
    Hello Stephen! So you’ve witnessed OP gods at release. RIP
    Hello Stina! I pronounced it right first glance!
    Hello Sjarna! You’re a pillar then, you support things so…
    Hello myself! I see you’re still a mess.
    Hello Scott! So many hobbies :3
    Hello Eleni! Jellies are funny
    Hello Maxim! There’s a magazine named that!?
    Hello Christian! Well.. Of course…
    Hello Bryce! I’m scared to click that link…
    Hello Alex! Make me a bagel sometime :3
    Hello Jeff! Not everyone’s a pro.
    Hello Mark! I don’t know about that..
    Hello KatHead! Welcome to the Forums!
    Hello Vic! Do you like them though.. That’s the question..
    Hello HairlessBalls! You are not a robot. But they also don’t grow hair.. There…So~..
    Hello David! You live a wonderful life!
    Hello Hussein! I’ve been kicked a lot in soccer, and nailed in the face.. No thanks.
    Hello Labros! Don’t get too obsessed.
    Hello Eryx! Seems everyone likes the jokester..
    Hello Yorkshiredragonn! He’s not good, or bad..
    Hello Pastiy! Where is that on a color wheel?
    Hello Tamino! You’ll be fine, probably.
    Hello Eddie! How did that game turn out? Or is it still being made?
    Hello Colleen! That sounds hilarious! How did that turn out?
    Hello Luci! Cheesecake is great!
    Hello Yaheya! But life gets better, believe me!
    Hello Nolan! Cook something for me! I can’t cook at all..
    Hello Ihtisham! I couldn’t get into sports..
    Hello Aaron! Doesn’t that hurt though?
    Hello Darren! You must be skilled at Piano then! What songs do you know?
    Hello Dex! I’ve been forced to play tanks of recent, so that helps me learn how to counter-build.
    Hello Kris! I’d love to see your ideas sometime :3
    Hello Jester! Aren’t we all?

    Hello Fedup! Maybe adjust settings or invest in a new computer?
    Hello Eddie! We also love lamp.. Glad to have ya!
    Hello Josh! I love all those things :3
    Hello Andrew! Ah, yes, the good ‘ol US of A.
    Hello Lina! Is he by chance Captain Wafflebeard?
    Hello Julie! I think Dez is as well..
    Hello Zita! I bet your mind is a wonderful, beautiful complicity!
    Hello James! What is that study?
    Hello Jon! Nemesis is one of my favorite assassins!
    Hello Lee! I don’t play games all the often, but it seems like you’re determined!
    Hello HiddenDev! Ooh! A web Developer!
    Hello Denis! What does that mean?
    Hello Gabriel! I like Xing though :/
    Hello Jared! We all sucked a little when S3 dropped.
    Hello again Dezzybutt! I knew it :3
    Hello Walter! You wish has been granted!
    Hello Erik! Which is..? I remember a lot of bad stuff about him, so which one?
    Hello again, myself! At least you don’t look too much like a girl with your acne problem rn.
    Hello Jeremy! Sell me some please!
    Hello Mr. A! You’re a father again? For the second time? Congratulations none the less.
    Hello Nate! As long as you help your team then it’s all good!
    Hello John! Quite a long text you got there XD
    Hello Jess! I hate when there are limited achievements.. :c
    Hello Jas! Welcome back!
    Hello Zach! Nothing wrong with that!
    Hello Tim! Can you be my bodyguard :3
    Hello Eddie! That’s got to be painful.
    Hello Solo! How long do those take to make?
    Hello Kosuke! How goes that company?
    Hello EpicWinnar! Just all pizza I presume?
    Hello Lilly! Anhur is a great god! Also, your name is really pretty!
    Hello Becka! Are you a relative of Wreck it Ralph?
    Hello RockerBaby! So what kinds of names do you go by?
    Hello Klemberg! No need to go into specifics :3
    Hello Maeghan! I’ve never really cosplayed before (If you count out Halloween)
    Hello Drago! How many steam groups do you Administrate?
    Hello Josh! I’m sure you’ll figure it out :3
    Hello Ainhoa! Make me a cute bracelet!
    Hello CJ! Nerdy Athletes are the best Athletes in my opinion!
    Hello Megan! I know a few people that are trying to figure out Aphrodite still…
    Hello James! I doubt it..
    Hello Lesterex! Uhh, you hurt my brain.
    Hello Vin! I’m a musical geek (If you can call it that)

    I just want to say Hello and Welcome to everyone that introduced themselves!
    After counting it up, it adds up to:
    387 people.
    387 replies.
    20432 characters.
    Exactly 9 pages on a Google Doc.

    3/21/2016, 2:56 AM

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    I am just, what the .............

    I think, I am ....................

    That Alex butcher is someone else, right?
    Vi, Goddess Of Wrecking

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexNemesis View Post
    I am just, what the .............

    I think, I am ....................

    That Alex butcher is someone else, right?
    A different person.

    I'm sure you didn't even post to the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallamueu View Post
    A different person.

    I'm sure you didn't even post to the thread.
    Oh, I replied to it now . I changed my name countless times, some of my old posts are gone
    Vi, Goddess Of Wrecking

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