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Thread: MOTD suggestion

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    MOTD suggestion

    Not sure if it's been done before or requested, but how about a stealth/secret agent/ninja motd? Following gods with locked skins:

    Ah Muzen Cab - Solid Hornet
    Apollo - Elite Agent
    Awilix - Renegade
    Bastet - Covert Ops
    Hou Yi - Iron Crow
    Kali - Trophy Hunter
    Loki - Infiltrator
    Nemesis - Blind Vengeance
    Rama - Orbital Strike
    Xbalanque - Shinobalanque

    Sticked to Hunters & Assassins for flavor reasons. Not sure about which map/mode though.

    EDIT: Just saw 3.4 patch notes, Recon Artemis looks sick. Maybe she's a good enough reason to do this MOTD?
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    Agni -Forest Fire
    Neith- Cotton Weave
    Zeus- King of Olympus
    Loki- Silent but Deadly
    Power of the sun- All gods related to the sun
    Cold of Ice- All gods related to the cold

    An April fools MOTD *for the lols*- "This is 'backwards'" Only wards as consumables and only dying from anything except the enemy levels you up by 1 instantly.

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