And here is another one of my readjusted concepts that I have not touched upon in some time... Enjoy!

Image for reference in case image gets cropped

Key differences:
Updated eye
Different Harpoon look
belt with holsters for both of his swords


Role: Warrior
Pantheon: Greek

Passive - Harpoons : Every time Akhelios uses one of his abilities, he gains a harpoon (max 3), when he has a harpoon his next AA is ranged and tosses that harpoon, dealing damage that pierces through both minions and walls till it reaches 45ft (for reference the average hunter has a max attack range is 55ft, the only exception is xbal during his ult where it is increased to 95 ft) at the first god it hits, slowing said target 10% per harpoon for 3 seconds. If the target is an enemy god and is hit by all 3 harpoons the slow on all 3 are refreshed and the god is also crippled for the duration. The Harpoons cannot crit or apply on hit effects, but do grant lifesteal and penetration

Attack Pattern: x0.5/x0.5/x0.5/x0.5

1st Ability - Predator Charge: Akhelios charges forward in a mad dash flailing his swords around. All enemies hit by the dash are sliced by both swords, taking damage twice

2nd Ability - Crushing Jaws: Akhelios delivers a devastating bite in a cone area, ripping apart the armor of all bitten by his sharpen teeth, reducing their physical protection by 10/15/20/25/30% for 5 seconds. If he kills an enemy minion or god with this ability he rips off a chuck of the flesh and healing himself by a set amount up to 3.

3rd Ability - Scent of Blood
Passively: Whenever Akhelios lands two harpoons or four attacks with his swords on a single enemy, the begin to bleed every .5 seconds for 5 seconds up to 1/2/3/4/5% of their current health
Activate: Akhelios gains a 10/15/20/25% movement speed boost, if an enemy god is suffering from any kind of DoT nearby, he enters a frenzy. Doubling the movement speed bonus as well gaining 5/10/15/20/25% attack boost.

Ultimate - Wrath from Beneath: Akhelios dives into the ground, being immune to damage for 5 seconds and gaining a 50% movement speed bonus. If he is below an enemy god, Akhelios will rise from the ground and pull the enemy god down with him. He will then deal damage ever second for 3 seconds before spitting them back from the ground. If he kills enemy god he pulled down during those 3 seconds, he will stay underground for another 3 seconds and can attack again.

Lore: How much can a god get away with? With their eternal life and powers, they can break the very fabric of life and twist the mortals and immortals to what they seem fit best, and whenever one of them claims to be better than said gods or tries to prevent a disaster caused by one they are punished with either death or a fate worse than that. One case is the tale of Akhelios, The Lipless One .

Son of Zeus and the child-eating daemon Lamia, Akhelios was a handsome man until his claims of being more fairer than Aphrodite angered said goddess and as such transformed him into a shark. Only for some time after he would save a man known as Ajax the lesser from Athena’s wrath, whom she decreed dead for trying to have his way with the daughter of King Priam in one of her temple. For saving Ajax’s life, Athena proceed to slay him and his power was bestowed upon Poseidon.

But as the tides of this battle have shown, that not even death itself has caused gods and deities, ones thought gone from history, to rise again. And Akhelios have returned to take revenge upon the gods who treat the all like scum, to avenge those who have suffered fates worse than death because of their jealousy, to prove that even gods are no higher than the mortals that worship them.

Entering the battlegrounds:

HAHAHA I live again!

Death to the gods!

Buying Offensive items:

These gods will know my wrath!

Time to bite back at these gods!

Buying Defensive items:

Hm... I can make something outta this...

Blasted gods, leaving me with this crud!

Buying a Consumable:

I do need to wet up my fins...

I wonder what this would taste with a bit of slain god’s blood mixed in?

Placing a Ward:

Give me their location, little tool

Try and hide from this shark now gods


You gods have ruled long enough!

Try and punch my nose, SEE IF THAT WILL STOP ME!

They say if a shark doesn’t keep moving they’ll drown, so start running away...

Directed Taunts:

At Zeus: Forgive me father, but your the worst god I have ever seen!

At Aphrodite: Not so fair are you, beauty queen?

At Athena: I speak for both me and Ajax when I say YOU ARE PATHETIC!

At Posideon: I’ll take my powers back, and your throne as well!

At Scylla: My mother’s eat’s children like you for breakfast!

At Ah-Puch: Rotten Flesh, eh I've eaten stranger things...

At Tyr: You are the law, yet you let these god get away with so many crimes... Disgusting

At Medusa: Athena? Athena....

At Arachne: Athena? Yeah she seems to have a thing against us...

At Ravana: Your boon didn't say anything about a shark being able to kill you did it?

At AMC: Bees, yeah... Threatening...

At Thanatos: Death claimed me, now I claim death!

At He Bo: So you thought splashing water at a shark would kill it? I swear you gods...

At Agni: Can't fry this fish!

At Ratatoskr: Did you hear that acorns aren't an effective weapon? Shocking I know but it's the truth!

At Anhur: You can toss as many spears as you want, but I make my shots count...


Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of- *sniffs* bleh... Not blood, not blood....

*hums the jaws theme*

My father is the king of gods and my mother is a child-eating monster, family nights are VERY interesting