These are my ideas for settings to custom matches, ill format later. These would not only be for custom matches, these would help hirez make epic motds as well.

item / active related:

- Disable certain items or actives (Useful for all-glasscannon or all-tank or so games, also you can make the game more interesting by removing db and rage and so...)

- Change amount of actives (0-2)

- Change amount of items (0-6)

God related:

- Set amount of bans per team (Checkbox for new ban method, unfortunatedly you can't change the amount if you choose the new ban method.

- Disable certain gods

- Allow multiples of a god (Checkbox for "allow only 1 god per team" (eg, all players have to play the same god))

- randomize gods from non-disabled gods (Checkbox for healer balance)

- Set team sizes (1-5 per team) Checkbox for team balance (If disabled allows 1v2 and so games.)

- Disable ability 1/2/3/4 with checboxes (Useful for example when making a fenrir only 3 only arena game.)

- Disable respawning

- Disable recalling

- Set the base stats and the amount gained when leveling (On by default, and gives +15 gp5) (you can turn base gp5 off with this) This tool also is used to make things like a superspeed custom game, where everyone gets +100% speed.

Game related:

- Set phoenix respawn time/disable phoenix respawning

- disable jungle monsters (Click a camp in a minimap)

- disable picking up jungle buffs (in the same way as above)

- Disable towers/phoenixes (Click on minimap)

- Set time beetween minion wave spawns

- Customize minion waves (Choose amount of big, archer and melee minions, maybe max 10 total to prevent lag)

- Change respawn time (Set a min, a max, and how long it takes to go from min to max.

- Change starting gold and level

- Change max level (1-20)

- Disable fountain heal

- End game when everyone in a team is dead (Best used with "disable respawning" or in 1v1's).

- Set starting points if its arena gamemode


Maybe even have a separate settings tab for both teams, to allow making bossfights (1v3, boss starts higher gold and level, non-bosses limited to 3 items and their max lvl is 15.)