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Thread: LFG EU Jungler/Mid 2000 conq, for Casual and Ranked

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    LFG EU Jungler/Mid 2000 conq, for Casual and Ranked

    Hi. Im an experienced conquest player with around 2000 conquest games. Im a main jungler and i also like mid. I can play all roles but dislike support.

    Im looking for experienced conquest players(1000+ games) to play casual conquest and ranked. IGN : Krorrar , see u in game ; )

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    Hi Krorrar,

    The Chaos Vanguard is a multi-gaming community, meaning we play other games together as well.
    We have lots of active members in our Clan in game. We have daily inhouses, coaches that can help you improve and monthly events with prizes.
    We also have several teams who are looking for players/subs, and who knows maybe you would like to start a team, which would be encouraged.
    We use Teamspeak to communicate.
    If you need help with anything PM me here or in game.

    I hope you decide to check us out!

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