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Thread: Scientifically proven OP gods

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShoNuff Kay View Post
    When that Neith gets shat on in lane how good will her comeback factor be? She lacks boxing skill that most hunters have. Chiron does indeed have good utility but when its just him and another hunter what will he do? Use training exercise and hope for the best? AMC alone counters both of them late game in every way.
    Point 1: Neith is generally a safe hunter. She is able to pretty much sit under tower and farm without major problems. She's one of the few hunters who works even in solo lane. So, generally, she won't get shit on in lane too much. And if she does, she doesn't need to "come back". She can at least just defend and maintain until late game.

    Point 2: In exchange for a boxing steroid, she has 3 forms of CC and a decent escape. She's not the same type of god as most completely AA-focused hunters. Why are you comparing her to them in that way? And even so, in a boxing match, her strategy wouldn't be the same. My strat for Neith boxing is to use my 2 to slow them, making for an easier shot for my 1 to root, and then while they are rooted, land 2 or 3 AA's for free. Then the enemy hunter should be in threshold for my ult, if they're not dead already. You really need to think about gods' kits more than just numbers.

    Point 3: If it's just Chiron and another hunter, I imagine that Chiron would, again, use his kit. He'd probably use his 1 to poke, box a few basics just so he can land his 2 from a safer spot, and then when the hunter is at ~30%, use his ridiculously high damage ult. If he gets out-boxed, he has a fantastic escape, and, oh, each time he uses any of those abilities he gets a little health back. Again, a god's kit is more than just numbers.

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    Ravana is broken af now :d

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dadnaya View Post
    Ne Zha-
    Jung, Solo, Supo
    I like it


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    Quote Originally Posted by BakaCircle9 View Post
    Okay, guys, I gotta ask here:

    Am/was I that annoying as well when it is/was about peoples opinions on Khepri? I know I was quite invested in that topic, in a way, I still am, but I never lived up to BakaCircle9s examples, did I?

    I mean, sorry, man, but no matter the threat, you come in and try to turn it into another stage for a Sol discussion which just gets tiring to me.
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    You were fairly aggressive with a minority opinion, but I don’t recall you ever turning a thread not directly relating to Khepri into a Khepri rant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaRodin View Post
    I mean, sorry, man, but no matter the threat, you come in and try to turn it into another stage for a Sol discussion which just gets tiring to me.
    i dint... Sol was good example because she was obviously OP after release, but by using that list she wasn't, so that "list of thing that can prove that god is OP" is useless in real examples...
    TOP 3 most stupid things i've ever see in this forum:
    she can do 1000 dmg at level 3 by just her 2-and passive
    her 3 should be more like medusa moving backwards movement penalty reduced only by 50%
    Her ult now is her 2 but with lower damage but same cooldown!
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    Kit. I love this response <3 I am sick of evaluations of gods based on DPS numbers and stupid metrics that don't really assess how a god can/should be played. You don't box with Artemis or Rama, for example, because of their roids. As Neith, again, just for example, you wait for Artemis to charge, knowing the pig is coming, then backflip away, making her waste it. Then you hit your weave bomb and charge back in and toast her. In a lane, you don't think Neith's ult is super scary? Let your health get down low and try to withdraw from the fight and I'll pop you every time. And her sustain... Neith can keep her health up to put constant pressure on a lane while other gods have to withdraw.

    I'm not even arguing that Neith is better than any other god, I'm just pointing out that only idiots do a 1v1 or lane comparison based on straight numbers. I find that people who crap on a fairly well-played and well-liked god A) Do not play that god much themselves to even know what they are talking about, B) have only seen that god fail in matches where they were played by poor players or were against a superior team, and/or C) are talking out of their butts based on reading only numbers, repeating something they've heard, or fanboyism.

    And the replies will be, "well I can take on Neith with X god and murder her". Maybe. Smite is a chess match. You know her skills and a good Neith player knows your god's skills. If you're the better player, then you time attacks between the flips, you stay clear of the weaves, you keep constant pressure on with superior firepower, you don't get low enough to get sniped, etc., etc. That's a whole pile of ifs against a good player. To go back to my original point about kit, whoever maximizes their kit will be victorious more often than whoever has the DPS advantage on paper.

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    Locking the thread due to 3 months of necro.
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