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Thread: Calling a rabbit a smeerp

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirKeksalot View Post
    Ao Kuang and Freya. Yeah, they're magical; but they're squishy, in-your-face junglers. Sounds like an assassin to me.
    Ao Kuang is an AP assassin.

    Freya is an AP hunter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetSolanaceae View Post
    Ao Kuang is an AP assassin.

    Freya is an AP hunter.
    You forgot Chronos. Those guys all belong to the "oddball mage" category. There's too few of them to start a "magical assassin" or "magical hunter" class.

    By the way, I thought of another one. Hou Yi is a ranged assassin with a mage ultimate because reasons.
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