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Thread: ADC and the problems that have arrised since Season 2

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    ADC and the problems that have arrised since Season 2

    ADC's have always been a heavy topic for the forums here and in a post I saw earlier there was mention of a different idea for adcs and how they function. This sounds like a fantastic idea and would greatly differentiate the dynamics for ADCS and here are my personal ideas.

    TLR This is a list of how I think adc autos could differ.

    Ah Muzen Cab
    - Ah Muzen Cab Already hits like a truck but is very dependent on hives for DPS due to it's insane buffs. However, he has no escape and really likes to fight from a distance.
    His auto attack now proc Bees! after 3 consecutive hits within 3 seconds.

    Anhur - He throws a should be slower but really hurt.
    His autos now have a base atk sp of .80 and a base power of 50 (+2.8)

    - Due to his dual wielding nature and burst on his 1 and his mez he gets a shorter range (30 units) auto attack with a 1.03/sec(+1.7) base atk speed.

    - They tried to take her hunting nature in with the idea of criting so early but that just makes it so they can't properly balance her do to early being a threat.
    As artemis lands autos her range is increased for 2 seconds (5 stacks 4 units per stack)

    Chiron - Chiron is a teacher and "healer"
    Chiron's autos now place a mark on the enemy the reveals them to the team for .2 seconds if they are not already visible.

    Cupid - Cupid is the God of love so he should be able to control when he breaks your heart.
    Cupids autos now apply "Smitten" for 1.5 sec. If a god is smitten, if a god has "heart bomb" on them, cupid can detonate the bomb at will. Also, if a god is smitten they can take damage from attempting to pick up "share the love"

    Hou Yi
    - He is a sniper. Snipers hurt but they don't get that many chances.
    Auto attack range increased (70 units) Atk spd decreased .7/sec(+.8) base dmg increased 50(+2.8)

    Medusa - Medusa was originally a caster hunter so lets give that back to her.
    Medusa autos are weakened due to her casting nature they lose 20% of their potential from all itmes and base stat. (Her autos only scale at 80% and she only gains 80% atk spd from items)
    (however acid regains its old range and power and viper shot regains its 100% atk spd increase.)

    - Neith has decent power and an amazing clear. Since she is the fate weaver we change her autos to be more like her ult. ( of course she would then need nerfs on her abilities)
    Neith's now go through walls yet they the only do 50% damage after passing through.

    Rama - Rama has the late game of champions and is very auto focused through his abilites. So being able to control his autos to even more a degree, while increasing his skill floor, will make him even more contralble.
    Rama's autos now have a targeter and can be shot at different ranges. the different ranges have different effects.
    Short - Increast attack spd (20%) Less damage (25%) 25 Units)
    Mid range Norma 50 units
    Long range 60 units decreased attack spd (20%) higher damage (15%)

    Ullr - Ullr already has an interesting mechanic with his autos however we can add something to it.
    Ullr's Bow now shoots (55 units)
    Ullr's Axe now slightly knockbacks jungle camps and minions.

    Xblanque - Xblanque has enough going on for him so lets not make this too crazy.
    Xblanque autos have a 10% chance to cripple their target.

    Now don't flame me too hard. I just thought this would be a fun and interesting experiment to shake up the hunter world and it would change where they can be played and who they counter instead of being all the same with VERY slight differences.

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    This is mostly a case of don't fix what isn't broken since hunters will be pretty balanced between each other in S3.
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    Nah, I never cared for hunters just being all similar. I like how league made graves stand out by changing him. Smite needs to take off the training wheels and make the gods actually take a step out of kiddy land. Every time I look, they are dumbing down the game for plebs...

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    Diversifying just for the sake of diversifying is not necessarily a good idea. It's already hard enough to balance hunters as such, if you add unique features to each of them's basics, the game will become a temple of imbalance. Hou Yi has more range than other hunters ? That's op. Anhur or Medusa ? Wrong good idea, that would make them something between mage and hunter, and that's not what you want when you pick a hunter. Ullr ? That knockback on minions would be more annoying than anything else. Xbal ? We sure need more cc in the game. Etc. Such idea would just introduce more imbalance, without bringing anything awesome enough to justify the imbalance.

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    There is no reason to change hunters when there is no issue with them. Don't try to fix what is not broken, these changes have no chance of happening and thank all the gods for that.

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