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Thread: Non stacking build for hunters

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    Non stacking build for hunters

    I'm so used to conquest and being able to safely and effectively build stacks in my lane, but on occasion I go into joust or arena where someone already called building stacks and it's just not efficient for my to try to do so along side them, I never start with boots first item, it's usually second (I want to try to make it my first item sometimes but I just end up grabbing a stacking item I only build boots first if I'm in the jungle) I have a few items that can be my very first items that aren't boots but I could use some more...

    Ichival (30 power early pen and attack speed)

    Executioner (if you can land all 3 shots and have majority physical to make then extra squishy)

    Soul eater (15 power isn't bad or 10 protections with survivability in lifesteal and health)

    That's all I can think of that is already apart of their build.

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    Since it is topic in the other thread, consider jotuns.

    40 power, 11 flat penetrations won't increase your damage as much as transcendence would, but the increase is still noticable and substancial and the 25% CDR gives you a lot more uptime on your utility abilities and ultimates.
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