How I do each and every one of the abilities, is that I begin writing it back almost word for word, sometimes it will be.. Then I will proceed to give my feedback after looking at the numbers.

What I usually do is enter some stuff about my whereabouts in the first few sentences.. Then I make a transition into the Passive ability, there is no need for anyone else to do this, I do this for some odd reason that I had left at a local Wal-Mart and can't remember as of now

1st Ability, "Name":

2nd Ability, "Name":

3rd Ability, "Name":

Ultimate Ability, "Name":

Some more stuff about my thoughts or random info thrown around in last paragraph.. Then I always end with:
Hope this helped!

Maybe this gave you ideas on how you should review concepts if that is what you are up to do.. I will continue to be dead with Christmas, and I will most likely not be on the forums for very long, I have many plans for my future and I will begin with following those.. I will still play Smite and you might run across me every now and then, but my time for the forums is limited..