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Thread: Wall-view glitches.

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    Wall-view glitches.

    You know how you can see allies through walls as a blue silhouette? I've noticed a couple bugs associated with this.

    The first one I ever saw was with Hades. If you watch him teleport while you're on opposite sides of a wall, you'll notice that he isn't actually teleporting. He basically just turns invisible and dashes forward, however you can clearly see him the full duration of his 'teleport' if you watch him through a wall. This makes sense considering some of the bugs associated with his 1, such as the fact that artemis' trap will grab you if you try to teleport over it. You also can't teleport through Ymir's wall for some reason.

    And today, I found another glitch, this time a visual glitch with the new Ne Zha model. If you watch him through a wall, he'll appear as a giant mis-shapen ball. I'm guessing that is because of his sash, which now orbits around him. Watching him through a wall you will see that his 'ribbon' actually completely envelopes him, just a part of it is visible at any given time. I'm guessing that's the only way the design department could figure to make his sash work.

    Has anyone else seen glitches like this through the wall view?

    edit: Oh, and I just remembered. I think you can also see ao kuang's dragons around his feet through a wall, even if he doesn't have them out. They also appear completely static for some reason. I guess he always has them around him, its just that they're invisible until he activates the ability to summon them.
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