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Thread: How much TP do you lose be defeat?

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    How much TP do you lose be defeat?

    Not sure if this is the right area.

    Anyway, I just 'lost' a league match(2 DCs 1 for 10+ mins and 1 for 5+ mins nobody came back) and I lost 10tp (from 100 to 90) and normally I don't lose as much as this.

    So does it depend on certain factors how much you lose? Was it because I was expected to carry 3v5 and didn't and therefore lose more TP? Was it because I had 100? I'm not sure how it works.

    It just felt a bit high, especially considering the circumstances.

    match id: 64806895

    Thanks for any answer for moving where it should go.
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    The amount you win or lose depends on whether you were "expected" to win the match.

    If you were expected to win by probability and won, you only gain a few points.
    If you were expected to win by probability and lost, you lose more points.
    Same goes in reverse for expected lose and wins.

    You had the team (of higher player caliber) that was expected to win and lost due to none play related reasons.
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