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Thread: New to Smite

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    Unanswered: New to Smite

    I just recently got an Xbox One, & the first game I played was Smite. I never played on PC before. I don't have XBL Gold. I finished the tutorials & have been playing the Practice modes. I noticed that I no longer am earning Favor or XP. I'm just under Level 5. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do I have to play with or against other people in order to continue leveling?

    Also, I have tried to redeem the social media skins. I only have gotten a code for Instakill Neith. The others won't give an Xbox code, only PC.

    Lastly, I cannot link my Xbox account in order to get the Zeus X skin. I need help!

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    I do believe that zues-X isn't available atm because you can't merge accounts right now
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    zeus skin is definitely still working. You cant merge the accounts like you could in beta. Just link them. All the promo codes work on xbox as well. u have to go the corresponding spot (youtube,facebook,,etc) and they will have a link on their. Click it and it gives step by step instructions and then an option to choose a code for either xbox or pc.

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