I'm not a huge fan of most of Athena's skins, which sucks because I play her so much. So I wanted to re-share an idea I've mentioned many times before outside of this forum.

I'm imagining a pinstripe suit and dark hair. (maybe a nametag because I'm corny) A giant book for a shield and a giant pencil for a spear. I honestly can't think of too much you could do with her ability animations. Her 2 could have math symbols (goddess of mathematics) instead of the arrows and exclamation point I suppose. And her spectral warriors from her 3 could be more solidly colored to give the appearance of wooden or metal miniatures (goddess of strategy). Beyond that their isn't a whole lot of visuals to mess with for her specifically.

She is the goddess of many things that I associate with books and I think this is a perfect skin for her.