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Thread: Nut, Goddess of the Sky

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    Nut, Goddess of the Sky

    Goddess of the Sky

    (Artwork by RivanKrieg on DeviantArt!)
    In Egyptian mythology, Nut is the goddess of the heavens and of the sky. She is wife to Geb and mother of Isis, Osiris, Nephthys, Horus, and Set.

    In SMITE she would be a beautiful Egyptian woman. I imagine her to look very close to the image above. She'd wear a white dress and have long hair. Her skin would be the color of the sky, changing from blue to black to violet. I also wanted her to maybe have cow horns on her headdress, which would be a circular pot. Floating around her body constantly are particles of stars, planets, dust, and comets.

    She shoots glowing orbs for her autos.

    PASSIVE - Celestial Presence
    Whenever Nut is near allied gods she will pick up some of their protections, using them to boost her own.

    ABILITY I - Heavenly Body
    Nut summons a glowing planet at a target location, lasting for 3/2.5/4/4.5/5s. Basic attacking the planet will transform the hit into three smaller glowing hits, targeting the nearest enemies within 30ft and dealing a third of the damage from the original auto attack with each of the now smaller ones.

    ABILITY II - Shooting Star
    Nut summons a shooting star, sending it forward in a line and going through enemies. This ability is on short cooldown and is her go-to ability for clearing. The star will heal Nut for a percentage of damage based on how much damage the star did to enemies it has hit.

    ABILITY III - Meteor Shower
    Nut enhances her basic attacks, causing them to glow brighter and larger. Her auto attacks will now deal splash damage to enemies hit, spreading the damage to close enemies. This works with her first ability, and the buff lasts for 2.5/3/3.5/4/5s.

    ULTIMATE - Blessed Cosmos
    Nut assumes the form of the night sky, flying up into the air and covering the map. While she is in the air she will grant all allies a percent of the mana back that they use. She will be able to stay in the sky for 4s before falling back to the ground. Nut will be able to select an area on the map to send her presence to, spawning a copy of herself at that location and diving back to the ground herself. The copy will focus the nearest enemy gods and only be able to use basic attacks. Whenever Nut uses an ability, however, the copy will perform the ability as well, dealing a smaller amount of damage. The copy lasts for 6s.

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    I wonder why nobody else has commented on this concept. The picture above would really fit her and I agree that she could have some horns as well. As a matter of fact, that way ( sry for mentioning this ) she would remind me a bit of Soraka from LoL, which was one of my favorite champions. I recently grew to like the egyptian pantheon and I would certainly like to see her in game.

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