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  1. Neith Attack Speed Buff Suggestion

    I've been thinking about this for a while. Why not make her second ability an "attack speed buff" instead of just "attack speed reduction"? Giving her the chance of a better boxing potential in late...
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    Poisoned Star Price Drop

    I noticed that Poisoned Star has the same price than Rage, with Rage being much more potent. It literally eliminates the chance to even think about building Poisoned Star.

    Rage gives 30 Physical...
  3. Smite Compatible with usb keyboard and mouse?

    Could this be possible? I don't know how this works on Xbox One but if you can use a keyboard and mouse on console without the need of using any external software, this would be a great addition. For...
  4. Auto full-stack in training mode.

    Jungle Practice is really useful to test builds. But it lacks an auto full-stacking spot. We've seen the addition of a cooldown-reseting spot, which is awesome. But this one is necessary too. People...
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    Artemis Slow Immunity on her 2.

    Guys I play Artemis since I started playing the game, I have good matches with her overall but she's a very unsafe hunter, she doesn't have any sort of escape like Neith's 3 for example, or Ullr's...
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    PS4 Crash on loading screen

    Since 2 days ago I'm having like 10 crashes on loading screen PER DAY and I can't enter the game after that. And the worst part, I get 30 minutes of penalty when the fault is yours, not mine. Fix...
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